Whats your background?

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  1. This thread is for shearing your computer's background.

    This is mine :)

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  2. My fav background :)
    But atm its this one
    Konachan.com - 172932 blue jpeg_artifacts landscape mugon nobody original scenic signed sky.jpg
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    Doctor Who <3
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  5. This thread caused me to make a new background. Wooh.
    It's mostly not made by me, but I tweaked it to be more to my taste.. as well as removing the pesky watermark.
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    Best Minecraft Servers
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  6. i made it myself
    dont click it unless you want it to fill your entire screen i made it super highres
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  7. A friend made it for me.. :3 (AliceF3)
    Sir Bacon.png
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  8. when i got a new hard drive it kinda mess that up so my backround is a black screan with text in the bottem right saying:
    Windows 7
    This copy of Windows is not qenuine
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    Oh yey c:
  11. Qwerty189, and Darkangledav I'm stealing those ;P
    I have my backgrounds on a 1 hour cycle from over 100 pics >.>
    so Ill post my favorites
    ill leave that album with a pass of empire, if you want to see some of the rest, alot of them wont upload because of filetype
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    Best Minecraft Servers
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  12. Current one:

    Before that:
    peace and quiet.jpg
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  13. Current Background:
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