What's The Price Of Logs?

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  1. In your opinion, what is the fair price of logs currently in the market? And for what kind?

    Are you a log producer, or consumer?
  2. The prices listed in the OP of this thread are reasonably fair, I would stick with those :D
  3. I used to sell the stack for 30r
  4. Yeah well I haven't had anyone sell me any in a while, which is why I'm asking.
  5. I think your log prices are about right, just not many ppl on atm so no one harvesting them to sell to shop's.
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  6. I argee with Silken_Thread. Hardly anyone on my server seems inclined to chop wood (or do much mining/crafting/smelting/clipping for that matter).

    I started selling wood at 80r per stack last spring. I have raised prices three times and I still get cleaned out. Currently they are around what you are charging and I still can't keep up with it. I've tried surfing shops on different servers and most of them never seem to have more than a couple stacks in stock, if any.

    I also buy wood for what I think is a decent price and have hinted in Town chat that I would be willing to pay more if someone would help supply it, but no one bites.
  7. yeah same here pab
  8. I noticed noone was into wood so I opened up a wood store on SMP2. I'm selling for 89/stack for all log types, and I get cleaned out as well. I'm also on the low side for my server.
  9. Same here. My shop always gets cleaned out.
  10. I am a log producer. I have a tree farm bellow my res (about 10 trees). I'm thinking of selling wood at my shop.
  11. I buy logs at 13131 buy sell shop but i would be happy to put an order in for some