Lumberjack Contest

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  1. Wow! I just checked the stock and it's really low!

    This is a huge opportunity to earn some rupees and see who's the best lumberjack in the empire! (Prizes too :p)

    You can earn:
    Pine Logs - 110r/stack
    Oak Logs - 105r/stack
    Birch Logs - 100r/stack
    Jungle Logs - 80r/stack

    1st Place: Diamond Axe
    2nd Place: Iron Axe

    High Scores Now Live:

    They'll be updated as often as I can.

    To be featured, earn rupees, and win prizes, sell your logs to /v 405 on

    Step 1: Place the logs in your inventory.

    Step 2: Type /vault. (This costs 10r.) Move the logs into the chest that opens.

    Step 3: Log out and go to

    Step 4: Type /vault again. (This costs another 10r.) Move the logs into your inventory on SMP1.

    Step 5: Type /v 405 to visit the shop, and right click the signs in the appropriate log shop to sell.
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  2. I might sell you a few stacks... We'll see ;)
  3. or just do /vault.
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  4. If you're a supporter that works, but free members have to do /purchase vault
  5. No, /vault always worked for me.
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  6. It's just /vault. I don't have any logs to sell you.
  7. /purchase vault is part of the (now phased out) purchase system that used to be used for animals and vaulting. For some reason, the /purchase command has been left on (although animal buying is now gone), but either work.
  8. Do you just sit at your CrapTop and enter random commands?
  9. Tip; type "/" then TAB.
  10. :eek: Oh Jack....
  11. I'm the one that fount that out.
    Or at least, I'm the one who reminded him.., :p
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  12. I actually found the /purchase command by Empire Guide URL manipulation, not in game :p
  13. Unless I'm horribly mistaken, the empire guide used to recommend the purchase command, and /vault used to be members only.
  14. Ok lets clear this up:

    When you first join the Empire and you want to use /vault they tell you to enter: /purchase vault then after that it becomes /vault . Ok?
  15. I miss /purchase sheep, those were the good ol' days when the servers were filled with helping people. ;(
  16. Hey, you want Oak? Tomorrow... tomorrow...
  17. What is your needed amount for oak logs, I can get as Mich as you need.
  18. I don't think there's a limit to how much is needed, but if you want some kind of goal - see if you can beat hereclease :p He's already sold me 45 stacks.

    I'm also planning to upgrade the prize to a level-30 enchanted axe if the total produced reaches 300 stacks. You could aim for that too.
  19. I'm getting a 404 on the leaderboard link, FYI.
  20. I added a live highscores image, and hopefully more people participate so I can award better prizes.