What's the most disgusting thing that ever happened to you?

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  1. It's got to be when I was sick in the car coming back from holiday and had to sit in the car for 1 hour until we got to a service station. What about you guys?
  2. the same as what happened to u exept it was my friend sitting next to me who was sick
  3. I've seen some stuff.
  4. Come on, tell.
  5. There are rules we must follow here.
  6. Well then tell us a less disgusting thing that is more family friendly :D
  7. So there was this girl who I REALLY REALLY liked and I swear it was an accident....
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  9. Well My sister peed in my room...Threw off her nappy with poop on the floor...
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  10. Bleurghhhh.
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  11. Yeah and I came and was like...Why is MY FLOOR WET?
  12. You... came? Family friendly, that's what this post is meant to be :D
  13. I once worked at a KFC in my home town. They refrigerated and reused most of their buffet food and apparently that night I ate something that was bad. I then had to clean the bathrooms and kept gagging because of the smell. I had to drive a coworker home and as soon as she got out of the car and was headed up her drive I got sick all over the front seat of the car.
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  14. *never goes to KFC again*
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  15. Church's is better anyway.
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  16. I have a policy: I haven't heard of it, I dunt eat it.
  17. thats a horrible horrible policy.... chances are everything you eat now, at one point in time, you have not heard of ;)
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  18. Mate, I work at a public swimming pool in an area that you could consider "ghetto". I have a few things that I could tell that will make you cringe. They're not really anything that has directly happened to me.. but if you wanted something that happened to me.. I drank a whole lot of coke on a long car ride and threw up all over myself and my friend's car. Yum yum.

    So yeah, anyway back to the pool. Women are disgusting. 10x more disgusting than men. They will change their babies dirty swimmer nappies and then leave them on the ground. They will have their "time of the month" and leave their sanitary bits on the ground or in places that are hard for us to clean.. which then leads to bigger messes. We have to clean the shower drains on a daily basis, and the amount of hair in the drain makes you want to vomit. Also, back to the poo-ey nappies, they let their kids poo on the floor in the changing rooms and then leave us to clean it up.

    Up on poolside kids will eat fried chicken and chips and then leave all their bones and mess on the stands for us to clean. This happens with a lot of food. It's so yuck.

    One of my workmates dropped a heavy tool thing we use for moving the middle of the pool, on his fingers, and chopped the tips of three of them off.. that was gross. Other injuries I have seen include dislocated everythings, gashes on people's legs, arms, and heads that bleed like crazy, broken arms and legs.. the list goes on. Swimming pools are just not safe places xD I've also cared for a girl who had 4 seizures.. it's not really gross, but it was freaking scary.

    I could probably think of more, but my brain is stopping at that many. NurseKillJoy probably can beat me on all of these though :p

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  19. It is a much better fried chicken chain then kfc. I'm unsure if they have any where you live.
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  20. At my high school the Ag program runs a Meat Processing class, one of are test was process a steer from "offing it" to skinning it, and so on to packing the meat for deep freeze. During cleaning up the unwanted parts my buddy cuts the stomach on accident......lets just say everything was on me after he did that....:confused:. took a loooong shower after that