Whats the difference between a 'wooden slab' and an 'oak wood slab'?

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  1. Whats the difference between a 'wooden slab' and an 'oak wood slab'?
    I have 2 stacks of oak slabs each has a different name...
    can you please enlighten me on this
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  2. I believe one is the older version where there was only 1 wood.
  3. do you mean the crafting table only used 1 plank to make 1 slab?
  4. The "Wooden Slab" version is pre-1.2.5 and can be destoryed quicker using a pickaxe rather than a normal axe. It is also fireproof. I have some of these myself.
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  5. the older one doesnt burn
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  6. When it was the only type of wood in MC (e.g. no spruce, no birch, etc).
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  7. are they rareish? and which one is it the 'wooden slab'?
  8. They are fairly rare I suppose, and
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  9. I was watching your Lets play series, and don't you have a Wooden Slab...? :D
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  10. That was just one of them, I have more in another chest! :D
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  11. Wooden slabs are just the slabs from when they would always be oak, maybe in a year we'll be like "what's the difference between a wooden pressure plate and an oak wooden pressure plate?" Back then there was a glitch with wood slabs that made them act like stone. So you mine them with a pickaxe and they are fire proof.
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  12. Sweet :D
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  13. When will your museum open up? :D
  14. This isn't really the place to talk about it, as it is a bit off topic, but probably will open up in April, no guarantees though!
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  15. I apologize :p Cool. I look forward to it :D
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  16. Well thanks everyone :)
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  17. That's why it was so hard to mine them with my axe! :D
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