What's the Best Smartphone?

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  1. What's the Best Smartphone?

  2. *chants* iphone! iphone! iphone!
  3. #coght# M8! M8! M8!
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  4. S5? IDK I dont own one...
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  5. You are obviously not batman.

    That is not batman-y.

    I prefer android for its functionality, some better features, and variety. iPhone is for people who want a more simplistic OS and are comfortable already with iTunes. Mac owners also tend to like iPhone for obvious reasons.

    For those who want android, I see it like this

    If you want an elegant looking phone with android, go for the HTC One M8

    For performance and functionality, go for the Samsung Galaxy S5

    If you just want a phone that is not flashy, works well with speed, and is okay, give Motorola or LG a chance

    If you also want your phone to act as a weapon, get a nokia.
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  6. I think that the M8 has better performance and functionality than the S5, but the S5 is way better elegant look than the M8.
  7. I have recently (thank goodness) made the move from an iPhone to a Galaxy S5. The improvement I've seen is stunning; it floored me, and I have been an Android fanboy since before I owned an Adroid device. Loving open source tends to do that to you. But from the moment I had the phone in my hands, it was euphoric. I know people often complain about the large screens of Android flagship phones, but holding an iPhone after using an S5 makes Apple's phone feel dinky and cheap. I could go on about the advantages with the OS, customization, freedom, the S5's far superior camera, etc. I'll just refrain from that though since everyone else has already said that. So, best phone?
    S5, or a HTC One M8, or really any flagship Android phone.
    EDIT: And the kicker is that you can make your icons Pokeballs if you so please.
    Checkmate, Apple.
  8. Similar to SparerToaster, I just made the switch from my iPhone 4 to the Galaxy S5. I couldn't be happier, I love this phone. I can't compare it to the M8, but either seems like a great phone, I went with the S5 because there was a buy one get one free deal :p So my vote goes to the S5 for the best smartphone.
  9. I have heard a lot of bad stuff about the 5s...
    4s was supposedly amazing, but I don't own one. I would wait and see what the iPhone 6 will be like, the 5.6 inch display is coming out late this summer, supposedly...
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  10. I have an iPhone 4 and it works just fine for me. I probably wouldn't recommend anything Apple though.
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  11. The only smartphone I've ever had is an iPhone 4S/5C, but I wouldn't say it's the best. I only use apple because it's simple and pleasing to the eye.
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  12. I bought my iPhone 4s cheap from my uncle, it's functioning well. Although the battery is awful... It's used super quick, but maybe thats jus because it's quite old. I wouldn't buy it new and spend that much money. But I don't know which one else then...
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  13. I switched from android to Apple because I had problems with android actually, Apple has been great and I really like it's simplicity, just makes it easy to do things on my iPhone 5 :) I have a lot of friends with the 5C and they all say it is great, and after looking at them I can tell you they look the part too, almost.. Fruit like! iPhone would be my choice as of now, however the Samsung S series phones with large cameras look very nice. Anybody know about the Samsung S series phones that look like actual cameras? :p
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  14. I have a Google Nexus 5. Absolutely love it.
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  15. I bought an Samsung s4 a while ago , i really like it.
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  16. Yeah, they look pathetic eh ^
    I cant wait till WWDC 2014
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  17. Why smartphones? Just get a nokia!
  18. *cough cough* Apple sucks! Get an Android!
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  19. Get an iphone 5s and jailbreak. Voila, android :D
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  20. Easies answer in the world iPhone its better than all the rest!