What's on ya' mind?

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  1. Post what's on your mind as long as its not terribly inappropriate I see 1 to many of that
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  2. The war Between bronies and others its like politics
  3. The new movie Bruce Campbell wants to make.
  4. Anyone else
    Why are oranges lemons and limes so related
  5. Life in general
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  6. Lucid dreaming WILD and MILD
  7. They are all citrus fruits.
  8. I was just posting but thx
  9. Some project I need to do for health about a family tree and other stuff thats due by next Wednesday. Why can't I just have a break.
  10. Whether I should use Mega or Copy as my primary method of cloud storage. My thoughts are very specific.
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  11. Fanfic; My litle Dashie
    Math project for school
    Derpy Hooves :)
  12. How oranges are berrys but strawberrys aren't...
  13. thCAKYN3UF.jpg
  14. Why I'm playing Black Ops 2 when I should be doing more important stuff like my homework. Then again, me being on EMC is just as time wasting as BO2
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  15. Why I am looking at this thread.
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  16. How to get you to come to wonderland to consume these wonderful melons.
  17. Random Access Memories.....
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  18. why adding 4 more bookshelves to an already lvl. 30 enchant table suddenly got me silk touch...