What's Max up to?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Maxarias, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Simple question, followed by a simple answer! Be my personal stalker, and see what I do on my computer daily by watching my stream: http://twitch.tv/maxaria

    You'll get to see me messing around with my new OS. Streaming is not quite perfect yet, I don't think we've got sound going, but if we do, feel free to let me know. :)
  2. Win, Converted her to Ubuntu!

    I suggest everyone take a chance at Ubuntu, and escape the worries of viruses, and make your PC run so much faster :)
    DISCLAIMER: Ubuntu is not good if you play games other than Minecraft. But if MC and web browsing is your primary activities, Ubuntu is great!
  3. Aikar's birth server, lol. Es em pee four :p
  4. *Leaves on second screen and continues playing Minecraft*
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  5. viruses = Anti-Virus and being internet smart
    PC run so much faster = SSD
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  6. I would still like to know if people can hear me. :D
  7. Antivirus is not full proof... and never will be.
    Ubuntu on an SSD = even faster :p

    PS anyone watching stream - have you noticed it yet? ;) she hasn't LOL
  8. All I'm getting is a feedbacky buzz.
  9. Yeah you have sound now...
  10. This is awesome!
  11. Disclaimer Liniux is not Virus free, it just has less going about, I <3 Ubuntu and have used it for years

    on a side note people please stick to web basics, phishing attacks can get you regardless of OS...
  12. Stalker mode, activated.
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  13. OO Okay explains whats going on smp5, i was like ":confused: what the H going on" when i signed on lol
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  14. Score 1 to Aikar! I really love Ubuntu.. My mom made me get rid of it because she had a program on Windows that recorded time and force logged me off after a certain time.. Yay for dual boot :p
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  15. I'm off to install ubuntu then :)
  16. Also you dont have to give up windows, can have both :) if you wanna play other games, boot windows on startup (choose Windows 7 Loader), else just leave on default ubuntu.

    And while harry is right that ubuntu isnt "Virus-free", its barely got any viruses written for it, and even then, the OS is built better with better security so its harder to do alot of damage under linux... aka easy to recover from.
  17. I love watching the stream on my TwitchTV android app! It looks like I am getting free advertizing from max with my signature! Woohoo! hahaha
  18. Out of curiosity, Does Ubuntu support TRIM?
  19. Aikar says use the google... Because he doesn't know. :p
  20. Google says not without typing in the entire harry potter series into the terminal.
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