Whats a good Screen Recorder?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by DemonThunder345, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Please read latest post.
  2. Also, it would be good if it does not make Mc really laggy.
  3. http://obsproject.com/ You have to adjust the settings for your PC but i've used it and it's worked well for me, not too CPU using. You can also stream with it and it's FREE! :)
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  4. Thanks! Ill try it now!
  5. When I started to Download it my Pc had a protected thing that said its saving me or something. Your sure this isnt a virus?
  6. That's strange, me and rainbowchin have downloaded it from that link and it has worked fine for us with no virus issues. May I ask, what anti-virus do you have?
  7. Try Hypercam 2, but watch out when installing it, it has random browser bars etc.
  8. Doesn't that leave a horrible looking watermark over the video?
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  9. Hmmm. Jc suggested Fraps So ill take a look at that real fast. Then Ill try this Hypercam and other thing :D
  10. FRAPS doesnt work for W8 From the looks. So anyone have any other idea?
  11. I'm re-recommending OBS I kinda use it (I just never record anything) it works and has a low file save size with no watermark
  12. Low file size is not a good thing... it means it is being compressed, FRAPS is really the best in the industry, but there are others. You want something that can give you LARGE files, because it looks better. If you are planning on doing anything where other people see your videos, they will thank you for not using on the fly compression software like the one quoted.. not saying its bad. Just saying that small file size is not a feature.
  13. Bandicam, it has a watermark for the free version but it doesn't cost that much
  14. Nope.
  15. Alright, I really need help. I want to start uploading things on my channel and Well UGH.
    OSB Makes me Download other things
    Ezvid messed up My main broswer and Is a crappy piece of ----
    FRAPS I dont think works with Windows 8.
    Bandicam Looks like it has Problems?

    What I want is a free, No thing that is instead of your voice, Smooth, Non Virus, Normal Video Screen Recorder for Windows 8. Please help people D:
  16. Well, I would normally recommend OBS, but since that option's out, I've got nothing else to suggest.
  17. wait what is obs making you download? never downloaded crap for me,, mind telling me what it is wanting?
  18. My cumputer is having a mental breakdown.

    After kinda getting rid of the stupid Ezved what ever it was thing. I tried OBS again. It told me about DirectX that I needed. So I installed it and now It is still not working. It says DirectX thing is Out of date or whatever.

    My laptop is going wild.

    I want a simple normal Screen recorder for Windows 8 that has no virus and.

    Just please :(
  19. been a while since I got obs, other obs users isn't directx for something I cannot remember (for me obs never had a virus)