What would count as mining, and what not?

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  1. Hi gang!

    I'm currently doing a EMC fantasy story (though right now it focuses more on Minecraft than EMC, but... it'll come!) and the setting which I'm using is the SMP9 wastelands. The idea is simple: you can't go wrong when it comes to risk 'destroying' the land around you. The down side otoh are the occasional resets.

    So I'm currently considering to move the whole thing into the Frontier and continue there.

    My dilemma right now is to determine what you can and cannot do in the Frontier?

    I most certainly understand that you shouldn't try to strip mine on an area which you didn't even claim. Makes sense. But would a minimal survival setting work out? So some little mining to gain a few materials to start out with such as coal & iron, but at the same time the area would also be actively used to build on?

    Or would it be more preferred to bring all those materials with you (coal, iron, etc.) and then utilize those to, well, build your stuff?

    Note: my main focus is to determine if the Frontier could be a good setting for my fantasy story. Which roughly means setting up a small survival "base" which should be able to sustain 2 players where food and materials are concerned. And where you of course do a bit of "survivaling" :)

    Any thoughts and/or opinions?
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  2. I think you should go extremely far into the frontier if you want to go mining and set up a base. No one would see the base, so you wouldn't have to worry about getting griefed. Also, since you're pretty far out, mining would be just fine. :)
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  3. I'm going to echo Chocolate. Go far enough out, and running back and forth to town to get to the waste just becomes crazy pants. Another good tip is to put your "I went 100k into the wild to make my base!" on a server different than servers that you spend a lot time on. That way you can just stay out there all the time on that smp. You can swap servers from anywhere in the wild. Cheers!
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  4. Whether or not the base is claimed you're allowed to mine there as long as you're actively building a base, and are far enough out (as the other two have said before me). The only thing not allowed is to goto the Frontier and mine/harvest materials right along the side of the border protection, because the Frontier's main focus is to now have a pretty look. Although that's a little bit hard to do since it was originally our Wastelands AND Frontier =P.
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  5. Thanks a bunch for the replies guys! I'm still pretty new when it comes to the Frontier and this helps a lot!
  6. That was my basic understanding of the rules and the keep the wild wild ethos but I've still come across numerous mining operations for the sake of mining not building right outside of frontier spawns.
  7. If it will be a permanent establishment of a mining base, then that would be fine. I think mining in the frontier would be fine as long as:
    a) You are mining in your own private outpost
    b) If you are planning on have a variety of people dig a very large amount of land out, i.e. Massive "money mines"
    c) You are respectful of the land. Don't dig willy-nilly and destroy the landscape.
    d) Make it a large structure in your outpost. Make it one of the essentials and make it all nice and tidy if you plan on strip mining. Make some sort of scenery object that you will not be bothered by the fact that it is there, rather you believe it is nice and blends in nicely.

    So knowing you Shel, I would give you the green light in to go mining in the frontier because you won't destroy the landscape when you mine.