What will happen in Frontier with update?

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  1. Any idea what will happen to the established communities on Frontier Wilderness with the 8.1 update? it would be good to mine the new minerals but I don't want that at the cost of losing my entire community -is it possible to protect the estalished areas and anything outside of it gets updated (and any structures outside of the area erased, of course). On single player, any unexplored areas are updated. I don't think that is reasonable though on a multiplayer server where there are many people out exploring..
  2. Any unloaded chunks will be affected but the rest of the frontier should remain as is.

    No inside knowledge of the process on my end, but I am making assumptions based on the PR Nightmare Aikar will run into if he actually reset the frontier.
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  3. Yea, I was just wondering if he would be able to protect the area around the established, registered bases - sort of the opposite that he does around the outposts - so that we get some of the new stuff within walking distance of our base out there. Guess that is asking a lot though, I can't begin to imagine the difficulties involved in something like that
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  4. 8.1 update!!?!?! How did I not hear about this!
  5. Any un discovered chunks turn 1.8 I believe
  6. She means 1.8 :p

    Only freshly created chunks will be 1.8.
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