What were you doing before the servers stopped working?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TealiaStar, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. So guys.... here's something to discuss while we wait for the servers to get fixed.

    So before we all got disconnected, i was traveling to an unexplored village i saw on the live map that was on the edge of the "discovered part" of the world. I was about 75% of the way there before "It" happened.
    So guys... what i want to know is "What were you doing before you got disconnected?"

    BTW: i dont know where to post this question so ill just leave it here.
  2. I was cutting down jungle trees on my res and I was planning on selling them.:mad:

  3. Well i was building a mansion which was going to also have a huge store inside it on smp 9
  4. i was sitting in my shop hope'ing for customers. no luck, AND i got some really cheap prices :(
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  6. I had finally begun work on my SMP4 residence, work which i had put off for the past 6 (or so) months.
  7. Laying out a wall design at M&D tree farm making it look fancy :p
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  8. i was thinking of shop ideas
  9. wood, cobble, chest's, and signs.. :) there some basic needs ya have to think of :)
  10. I was doing nothing in particular
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  11. I was working on a hobbit-hole :)
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  12. So THAT'S what you were doing. I was wondering what you were doing on smp7 without Sopby; we were trying to get you to talk in /ch s to make sure you weren't dead, lol.

    I was tunneling.
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  13. Sorry, I was sorta braindead... Mind is elsewhere at the minute...
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  14. I was exploring Last Light Outpost.
  15. I was taking a friend to the Last Light Outpost.
  16. i was building a skeleton grinder on 8
  17. I was watching cows mate
  18. I was mining out the island for RJ.
  19. I was sleeping.
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