Murphy's Law! (Server Connection Issue)

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by IcecreamCow, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. If something bad can happen it WILL happen. The weekend that Justin is trying to move across the country and the servers act up, non stop to screw with him. He's aware of the issue and taking a look into it right now guys. Hold tight!
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  2. Even though the servers going down makes us have to deal with reality....we forgive you :D
  3. NOOOOOO.. Now I wonder to what part of the country Justin is moving to.. I hope it has lots of iHops :p
  4. ok thanks i would bet on justin working through the night on getting the servers to work just like last time
  5. thakes for all the great work guys tell justin to have some icecream on me
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  6. Well at least there is a good lesson in patience that can be learned from all of this
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  7. i feel bad for you guys icc. slap them hackers or whoever is causing this issue. they making you guys work too hard :(
  8. He has had much of his personal life/time interrupted at times to make sure things are/get running smoothly. So, just know that when bad things like this happen from time to time, you always have someone making a sacrifice to get it fixed asap.
  9. Is the server down again!!!:(
  10. Oh Justin, this is why I am a 3 month donator already <3
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  11. Thank you! I was wondering about server problems!
  12. ....Did you read the thread(s)?
  13. Does anyone know when this will get fixed?
  14. It's being worked on right now, so ASAP.
  15. Thanks
  16. not agen!!!!!!!!1.JPG im still wondering what is the code for?
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  17. Did you read the top of the page?
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  18. same here! its the dedicated work of of Justin and Jeremy and all our great mods that make paying for supporter so very well worth it. Thank you so very much for being so awesome guy/gals!
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  19. Awesome. Tell JustinGuy he is the best!
  20. yes