What was your old name?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. I'm already confused.
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  2. I forgot...
    EDIT: I remember! It's in my signature! :eek:
    EDIT 2: I forgot again...
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  3. I think it should be pretty easy to figure out who I was. ;)

    If not, I was cadenman2002. =P
  4. Nccoryg=RUPEES
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  5. Old name: daveiscool321
    new name : DavetheLego
    another new name : DavetheWaffle
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  6. Old name: ChickenDice
    New name: ChickenDice
  7. Old name: KarateKitKat
    New Name: ItsKarateKat
  8. Old Name: WeirdManaico
    New Name: HattorisFate
  9. Old name= Doggie45
    New name= WitherDoggie
  10. EquableHook624
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  11. <---take a guess?
  12. Old name - georgeashington
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  13. PickleLuver42?
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  14. GoatLuver49*
  15. Old Name = eviltoade
    New Name = Eviltoade

  16. Old - Mrlegitislegit
    New - TheOverseer

    Why - Didn't actually really like Mrlegitislegit
  17. Old=clan23

    But you already knew I was foxy :p
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  18. Old name-J3nna911
    New name-Jenna3404
  19. Old name: ShelLuser
    New name: ShelLuser

    Happy to help! :)
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  20. ive lost hope in humanity
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