what to do?

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  1. what do if you have a begger on you land?

    i thought you wasnt aloud to beg?

    ive had to go and close my land as he keeps pesting me for free food. :oops:
  2. If it is on your residence, either use the ignore feature or remove move on the residence for him.
  3. ok thankyou
  4. /res pset playername move f

    replace playername with his/her username.

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  5. Yah, lets not assume players know these features.. (no offense, but...).

    First: Staff is all around. See /staff command. Meaning: staff isn't looking over your shoulder all the time. It has its goods and its bads.

    If you see someone who's totally breaking the rules you can use the /report feature to do just that. Do not use this casually; its only meant to be used when you're sure.

    Also... If someone is really giving you a hard time and no /staff is around... Look into /ignore. It stops you getting peskered and may very well help keep the peace...