What to do while EMC is updating

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What to do while EMC is updating

Tekkit 21 vote(s) 32.8%
In real life stuff 24 vote(s) 37.5%
JUST WAIT >:U 19 vote(s) 29.7%
Gangnam style :D 38 vote(s) 59.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. That's Area.
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  2. Since EMC is down, I guess I have to have conversations with people I hate....
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  3. Not me then?
  4. You're good. I live in a small town and people here are ridic. I hate them. I can't wait until I can move away and never see them again.
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  5. Good luck? :p
  6. I was looking to see if I had an appropriate GIF to answer this and I do not.

    I only have one thing keeping me here for another 6 months or so then I can actually leave. I scoped out some places in NYC to live. I'm a hairdresser and living where I live isn't going to get me the success I want.
  7. Am i the only one that plays emc, while waiting on emc to update then? lol
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  8. I'm playing too, just waiting...
  9. GW2
    Watching YouTube (Pewdiepie, for example, and if you are spanish, elrubius, willyrex, mangelrogel or Loulogio :D)
    Knowyourmeme (Cuantocabrón if you are spanish :D)
    Facebook (Tuenti if you are spanish)
    Kill villagers with anvils
    Create a texture pack http://painterlypack.net/customizer.php
    Create a skin http://uploads.ungrounded.net/571000/571250_SkinCreator.swf
    Create a map in sp
    Sleep more
    Say welcome to the empire to newbies
    Say happy birthday to "birthdayers"
    Draw something with photoshop
    Create a forum game
    Go outside instead of living in the computer room >:U (Joke, I live in the computer room too :p)
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  10. firstpersontetris.com
    You'll thank me later.
  11. Oh, no, that coding thing again no...*Facepalm*
  12. I do youtubz aswell :D - i like watching music videos - like daddy yankee, don omar, shakira, kjarkas, Luciano Pavoratti, you name it :)

    As for going outside - haha, yeh gaming is my life now ... i have no kids that live near me, kind of a bummer ... even if there were - we are in the middle of a blizzard-in-progress, so i'm not going outside lol
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  13. In my memory it is (Diameter:2)^2*Pi
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  14. 2rPi?
  15. Radius²*π
  16. Oh yeah. you were talking about the area of a circle :)
  17. tumblr_m6fx8irRLC1r4alnuo1_250.gif
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  18. How's the weather out your way? There's no snow here in the Pittsburgh area (not that I see), but it's COLD.
  19. 30 in. pressure ... 100% hummidity .... and about -1.7 celcius or 29 fahrenheit - and it's pouring the snow ... .supposed to get about 2 foot here within next few days ... the least amount in some areas is still about 1 foot
  20. ([2r]²)-(r²π)
    Whats that the formula for?:p

    Edited to make it clearer, just in case:)