What should my next profilePic be? something crazily SMP8ish

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  1. Please post a picture below
  2. there is no poll (and there is also nothing to vote for)

    it should be harry potter
  3. I need the title changed.. hmm Just post a picture below...
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  4. It should be an ocelot. :)
  5. Do what I do and find a random picture from somewhere.
  6. Just do an internet for weird shutterstock pictures.
    OMG <3
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  8. So... are you going to use it?
  9. I think a profile pic like this would make you look smart ;)
  10. found a couple more:

    And idk if this one is innipropriate or not :p
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  11. OMG SO FUNNY!!!! lmao
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  12. Yea I'm still laughing about this..
    I found it when I typed "Minecraft Quotes".. Hmmm don't see how it related to minecraft tho, but damn funny.
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  13. Well, personally I prefer MC avatars, it shows a bit who you are on the forum and matches who you are in-game.

    BUT.. I think I know what you could do; get the male counterpart of whatever it is Emeraldstars is using (or get matching avatars), that could be fun for those who understand the idea :)

    But I'd be surprised if she would give up her current avatar ;)
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  14. well anyways, I found a couple more I maybe interested in :D

    :D :D :D
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  15. You should be joining the funny picture thread! :p
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