What should i sell iron ignots for ?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by boldbob, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. i need help on pricing i dont have anymoney :(
  2. Erh, like 5-7 rupees
  3. From what i've seen most iron ingots sell for around 7r. sometimes a little more sometimes a little less.

    i buy them in my shop for 5r each if you want to get rid of them quickly.
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  4. :) your a little to good at upsales apartment ^_^ and no, it's on purpose now!
  5. ^ Yep, these guys are right. Around 5-7r each. I'd say most are 7r at the moment :)
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  6. I'm buying them for 6.5r each and selling them for 7r at my shop (3144 on smp2)
  7. ok.. Thanks guys! and girl haha :3
  8. And diamonds average prive is 40-50 Just to let you know ;)
  9. I buy diamonds for 48 each too =S
  10. how do you mean?
  11. He asks what they're worth, and you jump straIght to "you can sell them to me!" :) I thought --"how devilishly clever of him"
  12. Apamment knows how to make money is all. lol
  13. ah ok lol, he just mentioned he had no rupees so i thought if he's desperate i'd tell him i buy them, i did say that i thought he'd get around 7 rupees first.

    i don't actually resell anything - at least not directly. I use all the iron i buy for armor and tools for killing blazes and diamonds for making the tools i enchant.
  14. I am the same way, ALMOST everything i buy or mine get's used. I do however enchant and auction now and then when money is running low. lol