What sells the most? (Question for shop owners)

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  1. So bulk selling has been an idea floating around in my head lately.

    I'm just wondering, for the shop owners (or people who like to buy out shops), what items sell out most often for you?
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  2. Cobblestone, stone, diorite, andesite, quartz, diamonds, emeralds, stained clay and glass, saplings, logs, dark prismarine, redstone and redstone items, and wool are some items that I know are high in demand. :)

    and promotional items if you're into that market.
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  3. Iron, redstone, bones
  4. All types of wood sell well.
    Building blocks in general...

    -Any type of stone block
    -Ores, ingots, gems
    That's all that really comes to mind but popular building blocks are usually the best.
  5. Surprisingly, I keep running out of bones, so I guess those are in demand.
  6. wood is always in demand
  7. Things go in phases. As something gets more rare, prices go up, then people jump on bandwagon and bring them down.

    If you're looking for a quick buck, jump on the bandwagon for a month. If you're looking for a long term business, find something you enjoy farming but price it high enough that you could afford to buy and resale if you needed. 99.3% of bulk supply companies close shop within one month as they realize they can't keep up with supply, or that it's become a full time job.

    On the good side, if you continue to reliably supply even 1 type of item, your business will continue to grow and word of mouth will spread.

    Also I need to connect with ya'll people selling bone, I've got near 20 DCs sitting around :)
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  8. My cobble and potions