What section would these items fit in?

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  1. Hello EMC!

    As you know, I am working on my mega mall; it's coming along, but there are some items I am not sure which section to put them in. I would like to know :p (More may be added because of 1.8 or I stupidly forgot some xD. I'm sorta doing homework at the same time so my brain is like: FRACTIONS! So, I probably forgot some. Anyway, I'll start with three :3

    Ink sacs- debating on mob drops or dye
    Lapis Lazuli- debating on dye or minerals
    Prismarine shards
    sea lantern
  2. Flint: Ores and minerals
    Sugar: Food (or horse section)
    Clay: Ores and minerals
    Ink Sacs: Dyes
    Lapis: Ores and Minerals
    Prismarine Shards: Ores and minerals
    Sea Lanterns: Building blocks
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  3. Sugar is food probably.
  4. clay/ building blocs
    sugar/ food(1 priority), or potions(if you have one)(3 priority), horse section(if you have one)(2 priority)
    Flint/ next to gravel
  5. From a survey I conducted a while back (I only included Flint):

    Natural Blocks and Items
    Ores, Gems, and Ingots
    Ores, Gems, and Ingots
    Natural Blocks and Items
    Utility Items

    The sections shown are what people most associate flint with.
  6. Awesome! Thanks everyone! I might add more so I don't want this thread to be closed.
  7. inc sacs - mob drops
    lapis - mineral
  8. Although it may cause lag at some point: my suggestion (rather a random musing) would be to have items that are associated with more than 1 major category, to be present in all appropriate categories. So, for example, ink sacs would have a chest in "Dyes" and a chest in "Mob Drops", etc. :D
  9. You can also redirect players to avoid confusion.
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  10. It just makes stocking hard. Having to check multiple chests to see if the stock is low or not.
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  11. Sea Lanters: Utility Items, Decoration Blocks, or Misc.
  12. Sea Lantern: Decoration Block (Most Likely), Natural Block
    Prismarine Shard: Mob Drops or Misc
  13. Gotcha :p