What phone have you got?

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  1. What mobile phone do you have? Sorta a random question i know :p Who has got a iphone? I have a HTC Desire S which ive had for almost 2 years now. Its a great little phone! Im posting this thread via my phone now. So what phone do you have?
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  2. For my 11th birthday, I got a Nokia c3. For Christmas 2012 (it'll be confusing for me if I say last year) I got a samsung galaxy ace. It's just basically a smaller version of the galaxy s2.
  3. I have a IPhone for the Minecraft apps :)
  4. I sadly have an iPhone - I'm trying to get a S3 however.
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  5. iPhone 4S

    -sent from iPhone
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  6. My grandma's old iPhone 3gs :D (She didn't know how to use it, so she sent it out to me and got a new iPhone 4s or 5 :p)
  7. Got the iPhone 3 :D
  8. The Good Doctor does not allow Madder Red to have a phone. Edit: I just realized no one will understand this.
  9. Got iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galexy S3 :p
  10. IPhone 4S

    I also typed this message on it:p
  11. Why 2?
  12. Huh? Its iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3
  13. Why do you have two phones?
  14. iPhone 4S. This was posted on my phone xD
  15. Droid 4, very decent phone, dual core processory, 1 GB of Ram
  16. I think he means why do you have two phones. xD
  17. iPhone 5 probly gonna change to Galaxy S3 LTE
  18. Droid X2 by Motorola, nice sturdy phone have had for 2 years. Bout to get Droid DNA or The new samsung galaxy
  19. Black 16g Iphone 4
  20. What so 'sad' about a iphone, I would like to have one as my brother has one
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