What Music Software do you use?

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  1. Hi there. I've been wanting to compose some music, but I need good software to do it. So if you have a favorite music composition program, post about it below! It's better if the programs are free, but they don't have to be. Also, if you've made music using software, feel free to post that too!
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  2. Bump. Don't forget the poll, too.
  3. This is just unbelievable! I see this now, just when I was really sick with all that searching on the net and finding nothing. I even asked it on some people on youtube, but no replies. And now you made a thread about it!:) I hope we will find a good program.
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  4. Well, now at least two of us (607 and me) need help. So if you know of a good music program, please help us out and tell us about it. Thanks!
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  5. I know of some friends of mine that use 'MuseScore'. They say it's a nice program for being free.

    Website: http://musescore.org/
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  6. Thank you! I just installed it and am watching a tutorial, and it looks like it will be a great starter program.
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  7. I use...
    Garage band thats free...
    ...Thats missing the point...
    Go open source not "Free Trail"
  8. Yeah, I had access to a computer lab last semester with Garage Band installed. Unfortunately, it's only for Mac... and it's not free. But it seemed like a really great program for detailed songs.
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  10. I'm trying musescore now, it look's very cool, but I can't get it to play any notes.:mad:
  11. The tutorial videos on musescore.org itself are pretty helpful. They're under "Getting Started".
  12. I use myriad's Melody Asistant, not really to compose, but to hear chorus scores in order to sing them better.
  13. Well, making the music works well for me, but I can't hear the notes when I play it, and I don't know if there is a way to download the mp3 or something.
  14. Try pressing F11 (or going to Display>Play Panel) and turning the volume up. Also, if you want to save the file as music, go to File>Save As and change the file type to .wav, .flac, or .ogg. I don't think mp3 is an option, but there's plenty of free software for converting wav files to mp3.

  15. yes, the software to change wav to mp3 I have already. Thanks for trying to help me, I will try this out when I get on the pc where I have musecore installed.
  16. Thanks! I can hear the music now!
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  17. i use garageband. i do dubstep, and i made a sick wobble bass : )
  18. sick wobble bass?
  19. I wrote my first piece! It's fairly simple, with only piano in it, but I like it!
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