What mob gives the most XP?

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  1. I have a quick question and the Title says it all! I need to know what mob gives the most XP because I am trying to get a lot of XP for God Armor and tools. Thanks! :)
  2. I believe blazes are the most at 10 experience (most mobs give 5 experience), but Endermen are a good and possibly more efficient source if you happen to know the location of a decent Enderman farm. :)
  3. Okay, thanks! :) I was just wondering because I have a Blaze farm that my friend is letting me use and I didn't know if there was anything faster.
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  4. I always just use cows :p
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  5. How do you get so many? :confused:
  6. Great love and attention...

    Wheat! I meant wheat up there, don't mind me. Feed them with enough wheat and they'll do anything you want. Really...
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  7. endermen, blazes are more but they will spawn less frequently and tend to float around and require crushers all ender drop.
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  8. Ender Dragon.
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  9. What ShelLuser said, basically.
    I don't need that much xp, but in fact, even when I do, I always have plenty. I mean, with a wheat farm and a mob cap of 100 in town, it's fairly easy to earn levels without any risk. It's probably less efficient, but it's also less of a struggle than finding a hostile mob farm, probably :p
    Besides, I always have enough food, because I use a flame sword while killing cows.