What is your most recent rage moment?

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  1. I was on a certain minecraft zombie survival server, I survived about 200 of them, lasted for 50 minutes with a good sized team, one zombie killed a member of it and I had half a heart. I got cornered, and when my team went to help me it was too late.

    I've been raging for 5 minutes xD

    When was the last time you raged, and why?
  2. i was raging 1 week ago because of 201pillow's parkour on smp1 :/
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  3. About 20 minutes ago cos I was RPG'd as my first death of the day on BO2. :(
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  4. A few days ago I was looking around a wild base with Pab10s. We were going along this pathway that was one block wide and it spiraled up with a big 6 block wide open gap in the middle. It went all the way to bedrock. I fell and ended up back at the outpost I live in.

    Haha that reminds me of the adventure map iSMOOCH had on his SMP7 res. There was a parkour part and I was failing it so were a couple others. I want to say Chascarillo was raging so hard and was saying he was gonna have a mental break down/heart attack. I was giggling the whole time cause I couldn't help it. This one kid kept repeatedly going around the course and he'd shove you off the block you were on.
  5. The last time I raged was one this same server. I was 'bleeding', and so was my team-mate. He found a cure, and then he gave it to himself. I ended up killing him, and then his zombie killed me.

    I was close to breaking the record of length of survival on this server, which a famous youtuber currently holds.
  6. I died at the LSCC outpost before I could set my spawn by sleeping.
    For the third time.
  7. I was playing BFH, I was the only player in my team. the other team was ALL SNIPERS except one. they began to troll me doing headshots all the time; I raged for the first minutes but then the other team stopped killing me and we had fun doing a pool party :D
  8. That sucks D:. I've done the same though at LLO.

    Your talk about Zombies makes me think of the time I played L4D2 with my friend. We hadn't turned on the thing to draw them to us, we climbed up the invisible ladder to a balcony and had been tossing all of our gas cans and propane tanks up there. I hit the wrong button, shot one and set the whole balcony on fire, all our gas burned and I died xD. I raged.
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  9. Few days ago was at Pantano with Queendiva showing me around then after I jump off a high place to spawn back to my bed. -_- my bed was missing or obstructed have yet made 5k walk back to my house
  10. Just now, actually.

    I dropped a highlighter, went to pick it up, and slammed my forehead into a doorknob >.<
  11. What? Your bed in Pazzo?

    Ouch D:. I've done the same, only on the big doorknob on my old front door. Hurts like #$#$ :)
  12. I was playimg withy irl friend newo2001 on a new (selfmade) survival server. We were looking for a nice place to build us house. I had very rare server lag. That server lag was terrible D: I died... My friend has TP'd me back, (it was night) and lots 'n lots of mobs were killing me, so i cheated an Diamond Sword. (Reason: raging) Then a Creeper blew up my stuff >.< I raged more. xD Then we traveled further. We got a nice place do build us house, I started to make a Wheat Farm. I grab'd some stuff out of the chest, seeing that there was a Creeper 25 blocks away. BOOM! Chest blew up! *rage, rage!* inv full -.- *more raging* Guess what happend? Another Creeper! He blew up ALL stuff! Then... then i raged. I said something i couldn'd say here in the chat, and did /stop. End of this story. :D

    This was like hell typing this on my phone xD
  13. Yep I guess it was missing or something after that creeper blow up inside my wall lol
  14. :oops: Sorry, was looking for the skele we kept hearing.

    Edit: Actually, just looked. You built it like I used to try to do, for some reason it reads that the bed is obstructed with half slabs and fences -_-
  15. Aww can you destroy half slabs and see if my bed works when kill myself when I get on
  16. I raged a moment ago when I was playing the walls with Pig and he killed me with a fist >.<
  17. Test Chamber 16 in Chapter 8 of Portal 2 required far too much timing, and it took me nearly two hours.
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  18. I raged this morning sort of realizing what time I fell asleep last night (4:00am) . Cordie pie kept me up D:
  19. I'm raging right now because:
    There's this zombie game (yes, I love zombie games...) called WarZ. I really want it for christmas. They say the graphics adapt so even rustbucket PCs can play it. I want to see how well it will run on my current laptop, so i'm going to this site called can you run it, and it changes my results all the time.
  20. I was killed on BO2