What is your favorite color??

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  1. I think they have done this thread in the past. But why not agin :D?

    Just tell what is your favorite color, and why is your favorite color.

    Example: "My favorite color is purple, because is like a dark and nice color. Like it since I was 3 :D".
  2. My favorite color is black because it is a sleek color.
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  3. Hi, it's me again!

    Yup, it's purple.
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  4. i do love purple also, my avatar is purple, my forum page is purple and my signature will hopefully be purple soon also!
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  5. Dang it, Lucky took my idea.
    Oh well, it's orange
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  6. #2a2a2a because it looks magnificent!
  7. I don't have a particular color that I prefer over any others, but primary I like the color blue. I have learned about how different colors have their own characteristics by symbolism, religion, emotions, etc. Like, blue is the color of the sea and sky of the Earth, and can symbolize conference, sorrow, and other emotions depending on the setting.

    By surveys, blue is shown to be the most popular color of people to favorite. They also show that the percentage for males is slightly higher than females, but that's self explainable: females tend to like colors such as pink, magenta, and purple.

    In his singleplayer Let's Play series, Etho, from Mindcrack, chose to use blue and light blue stained glass as a pathway to his enderman farm based on the surveys.

    And did you ever wonder why Facebook's dominant color is blue also? Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO, is color-blinded for red and green light.
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  8. Depends for what I want it for, though for clothing I prefer dark colors, mostly tones of blacks and such.

    Though, overall I like certain tones of purple,cyan,pink and black
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  9. Blue because it's cool
    Red because it is fiery
    And purple because it's a combination of both
  10. Aqua blue, followed closely by TARDIS blue, then by royal purple...
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  11. Black and White. (I'm a dog)
  12. Dat really nice and bright but not blinding bright lime green <3
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  13. red, i like red
  14. Read the OP, he asked why you like these colors.
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