What is your favorite browser?

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What is your favorite browser?

Safari 4 vote(s) 8.2%
IE 1 vote(s) 2.0%
Chrome 34 vote(s) 69.4%
Firefox 7 vote(s) 14.3%
Other 3 vote(s) 6.1%
  1. What is your favorite browser?
  2. hmm i want to chose 2 :p
    Chrome for my PC, Safari for my phone. (android xD)
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  3. Chrome all the way
    Because I can have Mooshrooms as my New Tab screen :p (Thanks for making the awesome themes, Jack o.o)
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  4. I have a special thing for Opera.
    Although I'm using Chrome much more often now, O14 is still the default browser on my computer.
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  5. Mozilla Water (or fire) fox... Or chrome. Here is how I look at browsers:
    When it comes to speed...
    Chrome = Firefox = Waterfox = Safari = Opera > Internet Explorer x 1,000,000
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  6. I use chrome, and even tested it vs IE. Chrome is faster, regardless of internet speed.

    me and my brother use chrome, my mom prefers IE while my sister uses opera :p
  7. I always use google chrome, when I was young and I didn't have it yet(maybe it didn't even exist yet) I used internet explorer. But chrome is better, I think.
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  8. I use chrome on my mac and safari on my iPad.
  9. Do I really have to answer this? Chrome of course :p I don't even know why I used to use IE when I didn't even know what chrome was (like 4 years ago :p)
  10. Chrome FTW
  11. Used to use netscape, now a custom version of chrome:)
  12. Chrome and Firefox :)
  13. Firefox, but I'm using Explorer.
  14. Flavourite browser, huh? Chrome all the way!
    Keep in mind, that IE is the ultimate winner. how else would we download chrome?:D

    EDIT: I hope you see what i did there.
  15. Chrome for now. I am watching IE because they are definitely getting better and Microsoft is taking it seriously. I believe IE does prevent a lot more malicious downloads than Chrome.
  16. I like Firefox! It's a fox on fire. ;)
  17. Your antivirus should be protecting you from those. And depending on which ie you use (most have ie6) chrome will be more secure
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  18. The thing is there is no 64 bit version of chrome.
  19. Pshhht, what does that matter when they have the best optimized multi-threading?
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  20. which is why you get the open source version and replace the inlaid 32bit java with 64bit :D