What is your favorite band?

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  1. Bands. They can come in many forms. Jazz Bands. Concert Bands. Rock Bands. But in this thread, I'm going with rock bands. In this definition, we will consider a rock band to be one that has at least:
    • 1 Guitarist (can be more, like rhythm and lead guitarists)
    • 1 Bassist
    • 1 Drummer
    • 1 Vocalist (could be combined with guitarist, or in the case of the Police, the bassist)
    • An optional keyboardist/synthesizer player.
    So. What rock band do you like the best that fits these parameters?
    I'll just go ahead and say that my favorite is the Police. Although Journey, during Steve Perry's time is a close second.
    If you have a music video link, or a youtube video link to your favorite song by them, please feel free to post it here.
    Here's my favorite song by the Police:
  2. I don't really have a favourite band, but I do have an favourite Long-playing record, it doesn't have getair, but that's because it's Jazz :p , but here it is erykah badu's baduizm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2vWZDldCsI
  3. Mine dose not meet this at all.... But...
    Panic! At this Disco
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  4. hmm, I liked quite a few but the one I liked most dates from my teens; several friends and me even went to concerts... Metallica. Obviously I liked their music, really loud and stomping. Hm, I always considered hardrock & heavy metal to be more 'real' music. Sure, there has probably been a lot of playback as well, but meh: lead guitar, bass guitar (r.i.p. Cliff Burton :( ) and percussion. WHAM! What I also really admired was their pretty solid band setup. Most of the other bands switched members as often if it were pyjama's (personal impression obviously). (Iron) Maiden didn't even have the original line-up anymore. Even Bruce Dickinson eventually ran off. Yet Metallica lost Burton (died during a road trip because of a freak tourbus accident), got Jason Newsted and that stayed for a long time.

    What I also heavily admired from the (hard)rock scene was that bands were normal. Or so they seemed. Metallica sometimes covered Slayer (when messing around / kidding on stage), Dio (Ronnie James Dio, awesome singer, previously lead singer for Black Sabbath) also covered Sabbath songs with his own band ("Dio") and that was never a problem (to my knowledge). It seemed more tight, more real. Not that "omg, you covered my music during your concert so I'll sue!".

    Of course what I really enjoyed was the shown no-nonsense mentality. During those times it wasn't that strange for Metallica to "hit the town" after a concert and to end up in some local (hardrock) cafe to have a few more drinks. Or so we heard at later concerts.

    So yeah, all this went on during the Ride the Lightning & ...And Justice for All periods. In fact, if memory serves me right then it was the Justice tour I went to. And the "In vertigo you will be" (got a Justice & Vertigo t-shirt somewhere). Even better: got all "real" four albums on both vinyl as well as CD. Justice is even a double album :cool:

    There were plenty of other bands which I enjoyed (my music taste has always been "from classic right to hardrock") but Metallica was always my favorite.

    I stopped paying much attention after their black album though. I know there has been a second, and that's about it :)

    Hmm, maybe I should keep up a bit ;)


    Songs or it didn't happen...



    For a really good 'feel' into the 'old' (and IMO real) Metallica I'd suggest watching this one. Its an interview with the original founder Lars Ulrich and also has some of their better known songs.

    Still... Best not click open if you're not into hardrock and/or heavy metal. Some discretion is required because the language isn't always on-par :)

    The madness starts around 0:45, 16:45 has one of their better known songs: "One".
  5. Coldplay is my favourite band.

    But, contrary to the title, this seems to be a thread about rock bands... so I'm just going to throw Imagine Dragons there. And even then, I dislike many of their rock songs :p (Closely tied by Arctic Monkeys, but I don't even know if they're a rock band or not, so...)