What is your favorite 80's song?

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  1. Share your favorite song from the 80's

    No, songs that are from the 90's but sound like 80's songs don't count.

    Add a video, if one is available.

    My favorite is 99 Luftballons by Nena
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  2. I love TAINTED LOvE! also I like Physical, you shook me all night long , like a virgin, sweet dreams , don't stop believing,and Micky or Micky your so fine can't remember the title.
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  3. Oh my gosh I forgot hit me with your best shot add that to my list as well and sorry I don't know how to do videos and pictures and followed all the directions and it still doesn't work believe me I did it before
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  4. Having actually lived this period (I was 10) I'd like to share 2 which really left an immense impression on me. Both more or less related to Germany, just like Nena ;)

    Codo, performed by DÖF:

    click here if the video doesn't play

    Not only is this a very catchy tune, in my opinion anyway, I also liked how they could perform this on stage. What I'm sharing here is obviously playback, but I've seen these guys live too. And yeah: they can pull this off life as well.

    Second... One of my favorite movies of the 80's, also because well... When I was a kid (uh oh, grandpa Shell talking) we loved to do jet spotting (dunno what the right term is). There was an airbase roughly 15km from our school (airbase "Soesterberg", it's been decommissioned now) and the best part: you could sit / stand right at the back of the runway. On a small hill even (next to the road). So you had a perfect vision of everything which happened there.

    We skipped plenty of school afternoons (not that many ;)) to head over there and watch some cool maneuvers going on. I can still remember when a friend of mine learned about a squadron of special jets (I really don't remember all the details anymore) which came over from the US and were going to be stationed there. We saw them land there for the first time, which was awesome!

    So obviously I liked watching Top Gun. When we (6 of us) went over to a friends place to watch the video (VHS, yes, DVD's didn't exist back then) we even managed to get the neighbors to "complain" because we had the audio turned up a little bit too high (to get that real "Soesterberg experience" you know :D).

    Alas... I really enjoyed (and still do!) this one as well:

    click here if the video doesn't play

    And still I love the scene where this is used; where Maverick drives off (totally pissed off) and 'Charlie' follows him in her car, going through red and almost crashing into another car. "<censored>, what the hell was that? And you think I am reckless?!".

    So yeah... good times, good memories. Thanks for starting this!
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  5. I grew up around 80s music (and 90s technology, lol), having parents that were born in the early 70s. I love 80s songs. I don't actually know the bands I like, though, and I've never really bothered to ask :p

    I'd link Hungry like the Wolf if I knew for sure it was an 80s song, and if I could be bothered to Google it and link it :p
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  6. Forgot to share these two as well.
    Africa by Toto

    Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes

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  8. I love so many 80's songs. I honestly couldn't choose. There are so many great ones... Tainted Love is a great one especially x3 But honestly, there's so many great ones! :D
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  9. Bumping this thread for today

  10. "Jump", Van Halen, Album "1984"
    Published 1984 (duh)
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  11. You want me to pick? You monster. :eek:
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  12. Don't forget Vangalis and Jean Michel Jarre Old Synth music is anyway something nice to hear. And offcorse Commodore 64 music orginal and remade sounds always good too.

    To many to choice from. Some are already posted above.
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  13. I was a teen during the 80s, so this is my hey-day of going to see bands play :)

    Some of the cassettes (yep, those lol) that never left my car back then. I've tried to put them in chronological order from their album release date, and I may have some mistakes in that ordering, but close enough.

    Iron Maiden
    Sisters Of Mercy
    The Misfits
    Love and Rockets
    Skinny Puppy
    The Cult
    The Church
    Jane's Addiction
  14. Monday night bump with another video. If you don't remember this video, that's okay.
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  15. Might I ask if this thread is about literal 80's music or just stereotype 80's music?
  16. I am assuming music that was made in the 80s, at least that's what it looked like.
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  17. :oops: A bunch of my favorites are in the late 70's
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