What is up with Dynmap on SMP9?

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  1. Last night I was in the frontier on SMP9 doing some mining . As I was working I was monitoring my progress and location on Dynmap. Shortly after I signed off I was also about to close my browser when I noticed some very unusual activity occurring on Dynmap.

    A very large unexplored area of the map was revealed quite rapidly within just a couple of minutes. It is roughly triangular in shape and can be more or less defined by the coordinate sets (67432, -4296) (80664, -4016) (75344, 2064). In addition, the newly mapped terrain seems to have been altered in some fashion with readily visible patterns of lines on snowy terrain and trees. See the pictures below.

    What could have possibly caused this to happen? Nobody could have explored such a large area that rapidly. And why are all the newly visible biomes altered?

  2. Mining in the frontier isn't allowed is it :confused:
  3. Yes. You're not supposed to be mining in Frontier worlds, unless you're trying to make space to build something.
  4. PS- I didn't create this post to get the third degree from the peanut gallery. Please try to stay on topic.
  5. Crop circles. Aliens are invading smp9
  6. I like it! Little green mobs from outer space are taking over EMC.
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  7. Smp9 is home to the Bermuda Triangle.
  8. Ailiens from Bermuda making Crop Triangle Circles

    But for Realsies, This looks like what Happens at the Border of 1.6-1.7 Terrain, except much Weirder, do the Biomes look like This not on Dynmap?
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  9. Dunno. I have never set foot in any of the areas which were uncovered. I will check it out later today.

    If I disappear into some kind of interdimensional void never to be seen again, you know what happened.
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  10. Don't be a hero hoops. We still need you here.
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  11. It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. Time to put all that soulbound voter's gear to the test. :D
  12. Aww I don't where you two go that information but your free to mine in the Frontier. You'll just travel out further because the land near spawns mostly been depleted of resources. The Wastelands was an answer to Wild reset, easy access to New biomes, and their blocks compared to the past. Which one had to travel pretty good distance "10k or more" to load a new chuck.

    EDIT: However, we recommend that you mine in the Wastelands if you do not have a Frontier base due to the odds that someone's base is near where you are mining in the Frontier. You wouldn't want someone digging a mining tunnel through your underground farm.
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  13. I have entered into the abyss and returned!

    I can confirm that the terrain in the area of interest appears to be perfectly normal. There are no patterns in the snow or rows of trees as seem to be the case from my screen shots. So ultimately that appears to be strictly a matter of how Dynmap is reading the loaded chunks.

    That still doesn't explain though how such a large area was opened up for viewing so quickly. I'm a long way out from the nearest frontier portal and there's nobody else out here the majority of the time. Chalk it up to a glitch, I guess.

    Anyway, easier exploring for me!
  14. This is where that information came from. During the update that re-introduced the Wastelands, one of the admins said it's recommended that people mine there now, just to keep the Frontier clear of random strip mines and holes. Also, just to keep it from looking awful.
  15. I've seen chunks load (areas I've explored,) and then unload again on the map out there in that smp9 wilderness. It's pretty scurry :confused: