SMP9 Eastern Borderlands Outpost - OPEN FOR SETTLERS

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  1. Do you like to explore and go where no man has gone before? Would you like to have another home away from your EMC residence where you could operate freely deep in the wild? Well, say no more because the Eastern Borderlands Outpost on SMP9 has what you are looking for!

    We are recruiting residents to come occupy the ready made town at 73160, -7647. The surrounding area beyond the immediate outpost vicinity is completely unexplored. It's a 19 minute continuous rail trip in the nether frontier from the Frontier East portal just to get there. We realize that's a long ride so we've done our best to make it worth your while. Amenities already in place include:

    - 21 x 21 lots with cobble road network and lighting
    - Horse stables
    - Enchanting facility
    - Crafting facility
    - Brewing facility
    - Storage building
    - Ender chests
    - Smooth stone generator
    - Villager trading post
    - Zombie Spawner XP Farm
    - Public Mine
    - Animal breeding pens
    - Traditional tree farm
    - Auto tree farm
    - Large agricultural crop farm
    - Blaze farm
    - Full-scale iron farm

    We would like to recruit two people to act as the Eastern Borderlands Outpost town mayor and master-at-arms. While not full outpost members, these individuals would have access to expanded storage facilities at town hall and no building height restrictions unlike other town residents. The town rules are fairly minimal and are as follows:

    1. Outpost members (Hoops_McCann, havioxs, BlackofSpartan) have seniority over all residents.
    2. Town mayor is the senior resident. Mayor and master-at-arms enforce town rules.
    3. Only mayor and master-at-arms may build more than 15 blocks high.
    4. No mining in town except directly below your own plot.
    5. No general mining or tree cutting within 100 blocks of town.
    6. No general mining or tree cutting within 500 blocks of the outpost member castle at 72990, -8506.
    7. Approved build blocks: cobble, stone, stone brick, oak, dark oak, birch, spruce, jungle wood, brick block, nether brick, glass, wood fence, and iron fence.
    8. Unapproved structures outside of town are not permitted.

    Standard EMC rules and regulations also apply, of course. If this appeals to you then come on out! There is a sign at the south end of each 21 x 21 lot with a number. Claim your lot and then post your name on the list of residents adjacent to town hall. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at any time either on site here or in game.

    We look forward to seeing everyone!

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  2. Here are some images to help orient and define the limits of the outpost for newcomers, as well as the tree and mining exclusion areas adjacent to both the member castle and town.






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  3. The Eastern Borderlands Outpost would like to announce the addition of its newest member. Effective 05-September-2015, player 101110 is now a full member and occupying the southeast quadrant of the member castle.

    Welcome aboard, 101110!
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  4. As of 24-January-2016, BlackofSpartan has been removed from the Eastern Borderlands Outpost member list as he has now been derelict for over six months.

    Current outpost members are as follows:


    If you are interested in joining us as a full member, please let me know. This will include your own quadrant of a massive, 105 block wide x 105 block long x 25 block high castle. The settler town is also still available for those non-members who would like to use our outpost as a ready made springboard for heading out into unexplored areas.

    Additionally, we now have several new facilities on site for prospective members. These include:

    - Witch farm
    - Full-sized guardian farm
    - Squid farm
    - Wheat farm
    - Disco dance floor
    - Archery range
    - Skeleton spawner XP farm
    - Cave spider spawner XP farm
    - Numerous mini auto-farms

    If any one has any questions feel free to contact me at your convenience.
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  5. DH32 has accepted our invitation and is now the newest member of the Eastern Borderlands Outpost. He will occupy the southwest quadrant of the member castle.

    Welcome aboard, DH32!
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  6. March 2017 Outpost update

    1. 101110 has been derelict for over a year now so effective immediately his Eastern Borderlands Outpost member status is revoked. As a result, a position is now available for anyone who would like to request membership and full access to all outpost facilities. Contact me via PM here or in-game on SMP9 if you're interested.

    2. All facilities are 1.11.2 functional. Additional features added since the last update include:

    • Fully slabbed and protected nether rail system
    • Side-by-side cargo rail running concurrent with the main travel rail the entire length from the SMP9 Frontier East nether terminal to the outpost portal
    • Zombie pigman gold/XP farm
    • Slime farm
    • Wither skeleton farm/arenas
    • Ghast farm
    • Remote woodland mansion base
    • Remote nether fortress base
    • Underwater ocean monument base
    • Underwater parkour course (Under construction)
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