[ESTABLISHED] Eastern Borderlands Outpost - SMP9

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  1. Hoops_McCann and havioxs would like to announce the formation of the Eastern Borderlands Outpost on the SMP9 server. As per guidelines, the outpost is located well beyond 5,000 blocks away from all EMC frontier outposts, more than 3,000 away from all other visually established bases, and a locked chest has been placed on site with our names.

    The outpost is still in its infancy and we are looking to recruit a reliable build team to act as a co-founding group. It's a +/- 20 minute nether rail trip away from the nearest fixed frontier portal so good communication and coordination will be a must.

    More details will follow in the weeks ahead. For now though, here's the unofficial Eastern Borderlands Outpost flag.

  2. Location confirmed, Base established. I assume you wish to keep this thread open for recruiting?
  3. Yes, please. Thanks!
  4. As per the code I had to add [ESTABLISHED] to the title, do you want it adjusted so it doesn't say "establish" twice or is it good enough? I can edit it however you want.
  5. Yes, please take out the "Establishment of the" part.
    I think "[ESTABLISHED] Eastern Borderlands Outpost - SMP9" will do just fine.
  6. The Eastern Borderlands Outpost is pleased to announce the addition of BlackofSpartan as a member. We are still looking for an another individual to create a founding gang of four. Perks include your own wing of the 100x100x30 castle presently under construction.
  7. Oh hey i found the thread :D and hoops and i should think up a flag hmmm