What is this sword worth? (Rare Arena Blade?)

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    What is this sword worth? (Before I go on, I would like to note that I am not selling this sword in this thread. If you are interested you can private message me.)
    About a year ago I won a mob arena and Maxarias handed this to me.
    It doesn't have a number and I haven't seen another one like it. I've been offered 200k for this sword.
    I wanted to know if it is worth more than what he's offering.

    Is it worth more?
  2. I think there is other Arena Blades but I can be mistaken. Sell at whatever you really want for it. If theres a few or just this one, they can be worth that 200k you been offered for.
  3. If it's Unique.. it's worth whatever someone will pay yes?
  4. There are other Arena Blades, but I've never seen an Arena Blade like this one.
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  5. Hmmm...
    I've never seen a blade like this.
    Normally they will have a #00001 or something after it.
    You will have to talk to someone who has won mob arena, such as ninjaboy nickjwolfe or taluekgord as they have won arena blades.
  6. 250k :3
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  7. I've talked to them all, none of them know. I was going to pm maxarias, but she is on her honeymoon.
  8. 250k is a good price, I also think these shouldn't be sold and only won :3 but that is obviously inevitable
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  9. rupees come and rupees go, there is only one of those Arena Blades

    i wouldn't sell it personally unless there was something specific you needed the rupees for
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  10. Back in the day of the regular Mob Arenas (#memories :rolleyes:) I believe that the last weekend of every month was something like a "sword event" where the final winner would win the arena blade. So this isn't unique, but certainly rare.
  11. True, but the others have a sequence number after their name.
    This one doesn't for some reason.
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  12. Because it is older.
  13. maybe its the og
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  14. Like I said, I have not seen a sword like this one before. All of the special swords won at the end of the month have a Number at the end of the sword name. This one doesn't. That's why I haven't seen any like this one. Also why I think it's worth more than the others.
  15. I think the only reason it doesn't have a number is because all the other editions were based off of the one you have. They wanted to continue the handing out of the "Arena Blades" so they started numbering them. All of them have the same message at the bottom saying "A true warrior's blade".
  16. So what you are sayis is this must be the one and true 1st arena blade?
  17. Not the first, but one of them
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  18. Yes, it must be, I doubt they handed out any other ones without the edition number written on them. The one Vitiri has is basically Edition #00000.
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  19. I have seen the normal blades go for 150-180k, so if this is the original I would bet it be about 200k, perhaps a little more.
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  20. Not possible. The first MAs were all won by Zabriel, and he owns the first editions of these swords. I believe that this one is possibly one of the last swords made, I think special ones were made for the boss arena.
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