what is this force field?

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  1. [/IMG]I ran into this force field in the waste right now. I don't know how to get around it. does anyone know what it is? I am trying to put the pic on it.
  2. The wastelands has a size limit. Those are its "world borders".
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  3. It's the World Border. It's there intentionally. The wastelands have a limited size, so you can't go past that border.
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  4. [/IMG]
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  5. ok, even though I cant for the life of me put an image on through that imagur thingy service, this is the first time I have gone out this far in the waste I think.
  6. Every world in Minecraft at it's borders for servers it's possible to manipulate the size of these borders as it would normally take quite the walk to get to a normal border.
    Fun fact these border forcefields replaced the farlands in 1.8 I think it was.
  7. Nope. farlands did go away but I think it was way back in Beta. Now it's just like a billion blocks and then the physics just stops working. The forcefields are a feature added to allow things like PvP maps that gradually move people together, you make 'em with a command.
  8. I almost forgot.... Thank you for the help guys :)
  9. The force field was added to make a wall between you and the end of the world.
  10. The force field keeps the waste from leaking out. Beyond the border it's all diamonds and rainbow sheep.
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  11. No. the end of Minecraft map in a normal PC is ~ 30 Million blocks out, after which blocks stop holding you up. After 1.7 there was an invisible barrier added to keep you going past this point, it acts like barrier blocks.

    Force fields are just a mapmaking feature used for a variety of things, when rainbow does an ultrahardcore thing for example there's a forcefield that slowly shrinks, moving the players closer together.
  12. Are you saying that vanilla (and uncustomized) worlds do not have the world borders (force field)?
  13. Yes, not like that.

    There is an invisible "wall" about 30 million blocks out that you can't go pass.

    For the forcefield thing you need a

    Edit: Nope there is something like this at the edge of the minecraft world, it can be edited with commands to change the center, shrink it, etc.
  14. Not something like this, it is this.

    Every Minecraft world as the world border at +/- 30,000,000 XZ. You can edit it with commands, yes. I'm happy you get it now. :)