What is the highest number of alerts you've had?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by iRupees, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. Mine is only about 190.

    Like and Comment spam does count.
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  2. 10...I feel so lonely

    EDIT: 72 (Thanks to defne_b_ded)
  3. I can't even remember... I can remember getting about 110 a couple of weeks ago, somebody decided to spam me :rolleyes: I may have gotten more before but my memory doesn't really span more than a couple of weeks so we'll go with that...
  4. Hi there.
    My personal best is 9 alerts, maybe I don't spam so much or don't create enough blank threads, who knows?

    Take care.
  5. Back from the days I used to spam likes more frequently...

    The most I have ever had was one thousand two hundred and ninety (1290). Dare to compete with me.
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  6. You forget who you're talking to, don't challenge me young Caden. :D
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  7. I have had I think 25 in one day when I woke up due to spammers and etc :p
  8. I have a picture of 107 on my phone, but I viewed them halfway through so the counter reset.

    It was Caden.
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  9. 2 inboxes, 98 alerts.
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  10. Oh, are we counting inboxes as well? I've had nine in one day.
  11. Congrats on 6,000 Likes Penguin.
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  12. Once I had 55 Alerts and 15 Inbox...
  13. I've had 7....So popular....

    Edit: 14 Thanks to Tula xD
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  14. I pushed 10 alerts and 1 inbox. :rolleyes:
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  15. I can't think of a time over 7 or 9...
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  16. Around 160. I was like spammed by two people. Inbox was maybe 8 at most.
  17. Pictures or it didn't happen
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  18. 5 inbox and 218 alerts