What is the best smp?

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  1. I am thing to change server from smp9 whats the best one?
  2. Well Smp1 is very active, Smp7 very friendly, I would pick between those two if I were you.
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  3. smp8 all the way yo :)
  4. Most people are just going to say the server they live on, and since 1 & 9 are the most populated they'll get more votes. As best I can, I'll try to provide a short, un-biased description of each for you.

    smp1: Very very busy server. Lots of mega-malls, high player activity can be annoying at times though, but never boring.
    smp2: Mildly populated, lots of great builds.
    smp3: Also very low population, don't know too much about this server myself.
    smp4: Low population, but home to a great family of people who built a big wall
    smp5: Medium activity, supposedly a pretty fun server
    smp6: Pretty quiet, several good shops
    smp7: Used to be the main wild server, medium server, very friendly *cough*best*cough*
    smp8: Low population. I don't know much else.
    smp9: 2nd busiest, similar to smp1. Their /spawn is addicted to pyramids
  5. I like them all
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  6. i like them all too but i like people online :)
  7. Like cddm said, people would usually say which SMP they live on - I've been living on 7, and we're really close like a community, so I highly recommend it.
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  8. I have lived on smp9 for almost a year now, and I have never thought of moving away. I like it where there are more people to talk to and share ideas with - but there is the off chance it gets crazy sometimes - however if you have some popcorn its always a nice place :) I think all the other smp's are nice places too though. My alt should have a residence on a different server, but I am confused as to which smp too, so if anyone got ideas for me they can reply to this message too :p ~FDNY21
  9. Well when I get my alt in a few days I'm hopefully gonna make it diamond or gold and claim a res on Smp7 for all my old friends are there and it's really friendly! :)
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  11. SMP3 is the home of mob grinders.
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  12. Smp7 is friendly, smp5 you have mob arena, in smp6, and smp8 there are the best wild Outposts. But the smp7 is the best server ever made in EMC
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  13. shush :p
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  14. SMP1 is the best by far :)
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  15. Well On an normal weekend or just day it depends what time zone you are in. Yesterday there was around 23 People on Smp1, 14 On Smp2 *Smp2 is da best if you like to see huge builds and joke around and have fun. Smp3 had around 4 people as was very quiet. Smp4 had chickeneer online and some other people building a *wall*. Smp5 is pretty normal and interesting, Smp6 has like 8 people on, Smp7... well I have not been there in a while but it mostly ha like 10 people,
    Smp8 is very.... Interesting, and Smp9, I like, Very very big. A lot of Deathtombs things are there and there is some very interesting things happening, mostly around. Utopia is very quiet due to only supporters on it mostly. If you are a supporter you can claim a huge 120x120 lot and if you are diamond, you can fly! Yesterday night at around 2:30 am, Me and Olaf_C were building The Hall of Crafting, it had around 6 people online!

    Hope this helped.
  16. Well, at the end of it all, what smp is the "best" is all down to opinion. People will always say that their smp is best simply because it's their home server for example. Much in the same way that they have developed their opinion on the best smp, you should do the same :)
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  17. SMP1 is ultimately the best! :D
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  18. I used to always play On Smp2. Now I go on Smp1, Smp2, Smp9, And utopia :)
  19. I personally not very active in the Empire Economy. Usually, all that I buy from shops are enchanted books.
    Now, I play on SMP5 where it's not too crowded for me. I have established a corporation there called 'Forever Corporation' where we build effective item and mob farms but also make them attractive. From its history, the enderman farm probability got the most effort so far. However, we're currently not accepting any occupations to join.
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  20. I have a feeling this thread isn't gonna end.
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