What is the Answer to everything?

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  1. Why... did you search this up... lol
  2. for fun :D
  3. I'm amazed that if you google this, 42 legit comes up..
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  4. Incorrect. The right answer is melons
  5. I'm amazed you managed to pull up a page in Firefox without it saying that you are missing a plugin
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  6. Personally, I think the answer is 4.
  7. I would of thought bedslug to be the answer to everything.
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  8. basically
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  9. Well, if he plugs names her puppy jcslugs or jcsnug then the puppy will be the new answer to the universe
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  10. Pff jc could start a rug/carpet store called jcrugs, with bed slug as the mascot.
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  11. Pie is obviously the answer, blind to you mortals.
  12. unless it is melon pie you are wrong
  13. pfff please, your google doesn't even lift.
  14. 42=8=5=4
  15. Don't forget your towel.
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  16. * and bricks.
    Without the pedestal to time, space could not exist ;3
    Science is fun.
    Metaphorically that is. :p
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  17. ♪So long and thanks for all the fish, so sad that it should come to this♪
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  18. You guys are all silly.
    Potatoes are obviously the answer.
    They can be baked, to mashed, they can be french fries, or chips.