What is Texp

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  1. For anyone who knows what is Texp my number keeps going up every day I don't know why
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  2. For anyone who knows???
  3. TEXP is essentially experience that you earn in game. So when you kill a mob or mine a coal ore and gain experience, TEXP goes up. Not completely sure what the "T" stands for though.
  4. Wow.... I have got alot of xp.....
    thank you
  5. I think the 'T' stands for total. :)
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  6. It stands for Total Earned eXperience Points, I believe. :)
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  7. Thank you
  8. Its pretty much the only ongoing competition on EMC, which is why I like xp grinding
  9. I can't believe I honestly never new that.
  10. 800 "TEXP Points (xp orbs)" is when you get to level 30 ( Not just EMC, universal minecraft xp logic) So you have gotten to level 30 about 48.5 times (From Phone's TEXP stats)
  11. Charge your phone!
  12. TEXP = Magic.
    I got the magic! With me!
  13. Magic=Power
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