What is stage.empire.us?

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  1. The title is self-explanatory. What is this private EMC sever?
  2. A test server where they kill Tehspiders :D
  3. It's a server that only staff can access, on there they test stuff and mess around really.
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  4. A copy of Smp9 Only for the staff to test things before they go on all Smps
  5. ah that is cool. Thanks to everyone who answered this. Pls close the thread.
  6. its a place where icc is allowed to tnt to his hearts content and the nether is filled with fire
  7. This is the closest thing to the reality of Stage that has been posted on this thread.
  8. I always thought it wqs your hamster wheel :(
  9. It Used to be His hamster Wheel... and THEN: Icc Tnt'd it o.0
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  10. There is no cow level.
  11. If only the staff opened up stage for just 1 day a year...
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  12. But then we wouldn't have all the fun of watching you guys speculate on what's in there....
  13. We don't have to speculate, we already know that the cow isn't allowed to tnt the 1-9 servers anymore, so he has to be banished to the stage for all of his godly smitty powers.
  14. What about Utopia? :eek:
  15. but... but... I WANT to see him blow stuff up
  16. From what I know, stage isn't that interesting. It's just where the staff run some tests and mess around a bit. It's not nearly as amazing as any of you think.
  17. It is an ancient chinese secret.

    It's really boring actually.

    (^this is where ICC stashes his TNT)


  18. I guess there aren't a lot of folks who played the original Starcraft.
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  19. Just look at the live map for stage if you are curious.