What is smp 7 in more need of?

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Which one?

Mall 8 vote(s) 50.0%
Enchant shop 8 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Since you said you were busy with school to the suggestion that you do both and don't appear to be working with anyone I would have voted for "neither", or a "be a supplier" if you had included them as options.

    I would supply shops myself. That is, as long as the owner has a decent price for me. I think it works out better for both parties. Easier to collaborate on supplying and you are both responding to chat and sending people to the same address.

    I have also been selling a few enchanted items. Just high efficiency picks and shovels. I have shied away from selling more than that except when someone asks for something in chat and I am around. I feel that if I set up a chest to sell something, I am obligated to keep it in stock and there are so many enchantment combinations possible that I decided that I needed to concentrate on just a few. What is the point of having every combination pick if people only buy three types?

    I haven't heard any feedback regarding what other enchantments people would want. I've considered more high end stuff, but because of the work involved and the residual enchanted pieces that are left over, I haven't tried anything else.

    Whichever you do, mall or enchantments, if you think there might be something I could help with let me know.
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  2. Make a mall that has an enchantment section??? Anyone? Just me?
  3. I had a shop with an enchantment section at 15500 that was VERY successful. It seems that the convenience of getting all your needs at one stop was very appealing to players. It also helps to give something back to your loyal customers.
    Whatever you decide to do....smp7 will embrace you with opened arms because they are awesome.
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