What is smp 7 in more need of?

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Which one?

Mall 8 vote(s) 50.0%
Enchant shop 8 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. So i have just moved to smp 7...and want to do some kind of shop but i need opinions! Please vote and comment your opinion. Does smp 7 need an enchanment shop? Or a mega mall? I am happy to build either one but the one that is more helpful. :D
  2. Uhh I think a mega mall is good :3, I mean idk really, an enchantment shop is a good idea but who knows.
    Whatever you'll make good luck! \o3o/
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  3. Bump i need opinions. :D
  4. Why not both
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  5. Its too much work with school. I think im going to do a mall or store. :D
  6. Mall is harder to take care of, but more in need. :)
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  7. As someone who actually plays on smp7, I would say an enchantment shop. There really is not a fully functioning enchant shop right now, while we have 3 open malls and another in transition to another residence.
  8. Well the problem is... there is not a large demand for enchants and would not make much money :/
  9. and the community wud not get anything out of it
  10. If there are already malls and no enchant shops, then it would follow that the demand for enchants is greater, hence equalling more profit. :)
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  11. More Olafs. I plan to move there. I will see you all soon!!!
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  12. Enchantment shop please o.o
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  13. So many different opinions 0.0
  14. Even the votes show...and plus i can probably think of a design easier then an enchant shop.
  15. please pm me if you have any mall designs you think would work well or just ideas you are willing to share :D dont forget to vote on this thread ;)
  16. I say enchantment shop. Smp7 doesn't really have good enchantment stores as far I'm aware of(I'm pretty aware)plus a new mega mall is already being built. (Totally not referencing to cddm95ace;)) edit: Oh and why do you think not much people want enchanted things? I think much people need it, actually.
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  17. 15000 will be the next enchanted store in EMC
  18. Maybe a mega mall, but a section can be enchantments, something like that maybe
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  19. It needs more people...