What happens when you change the rain texture.

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  1. So I decided it would be fun to change the rain texture of minecraft. Here's the result:
    Some of you may be able to tell who it is but for those who don't know it's Vinyl Scratch or Dj-Pon3

    If you want to change the rain texture to something funny or unusual can you please post a screenshot in this thread? Hope you enjoyed!
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  2. I predict this thread will be dominated by a brony storm until its death.
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  3. Here it is now.
  4. Haha I see someone raining diamonds :)
  5. Give me 10 minutes.
  6. Oh. My. God. Teach me how to do this!!!!
  7. Before:


    Texture Pack is Mc 1.5 (x128) smooth realistic

    Rain Texture is my own :)
  8. Erm... I'll just keep my rain as rain... not, those...
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  9. D: you don't like raining fire? (just have to change the little splash on ground effect) - and it will look like miniature meteorites hehe
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  10. That rain texture actually looks cool
  11. Might be a good idea... You can't see anything with the diamond one.
  12. You've done it now, the cow shall rain down... Milk? Upon us!
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  13. 2013-07-14_14.40.42.png
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  14. Please not actual cows! NOOOoooo
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  15. Make it rain dragon eggs.
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  16. 2013-07-14_14.52.59.png
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  17. Make it rain pies. How do you do this?
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  18. 2013-07-14_14.57.22.png
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  19. 1. I get the texture I am going to use for the rain.
    2. I turn in upside down in Photoshop. (If you don't it will rain it upside down)
    3. I replace the Rain.png texture with the texture I am going to use (renamed rain.png)
    4. Open Minecraft and watch the fun.
    5. ????
    6. Profit.
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