What happened to Nccoryg/RUPEES

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  1. If you have been to Cory's profile you've definitely noticed some changes, and since I've received a lot of questions about it (even though I clearly said not to ask me) I'll explain what I can without giving too much personal information out.

    This is a private family matter that should not be made public.

    I'm only going to share that with people who know him personally which is only a handful of people.

    Like I said, please do not contact me about this anymore unless you know him personally.
  2. Wow, I hope he does not commit suicide but I mean what was it that caused him to attempt suicide?
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  4. Oh man :/ I didn't know him much, but nobody should have to go through that :/ hope his situation works out for him
  5. That's a hard situation and I'm sorry to hear that, I hope that everyone is alright and that the situation gets better, that's tough man :(
  6. Sorry to hear about your brother and about the doctors appointment if I get your meaning. Best thing anyone can do is be there for him.

    Small request: Is there anyway you can log in and change his profile picture? No disrespect intended I just think it's better to be removed so that any kids that might see that don't get the wrong idea here.
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  7. Hope he is getting professional help with this. There is so much in life to live for. Like the fun times with the EMC community.
  8. I hope he gets through this, last year i did a 1 year reasearch class and our group topic was depression(we chose it because the girl in our group had a cousing with it) and we had to present it to the whole school(in our school highschool, midschool, and elementary are together so, a lot of faces)

    Depression is a mental desiase that alters the brain without the victim do in it, the same as Robin williams. If you would like to get more information about the disease contact me
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  9. yeah. I hope he gets better again.
  10. Are staff aware of this?
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  11. Eviltoade has posted on Rupees's forum account, so I believe that some are aware, yes
  12. Okay, good.
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  13. Yes staff are aware.
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  14. I am sorry to hear about this, E. Tell C that we are all thinking about him and that we hope he pulls through and feels better about himself and all that jazz. I hope you are all doing good at your house. I hope you don't take that the wrong way: I have had multiple friends that have tried to commit suicide. It is one thing for them to do it and their families still care for them, (and I hope it is like that at your house :( ) but some of the people I know have had their families turn on them because they feel that they are imperfect. I do not that to happen to C, as rejection just makes things worse.

    Again, I am sorry, and I hope you are all okay.
  15. I'm very sorry to hear about what he's gone through, and I extend my heart to him and hope that you are both able to have strength and get through this time. If there is anything I can do for you, please contact me via private message.
  16. Prepare for a mini-rant from me.

    My family has dealt with a lot of situations like this. Like, a LOT. I have an uncle who ran away when I was but five years old. He became homeless, and dived into a deep depression. Just recently, he showed up at our door after being absent for more than eight years. He had attempted suicide many times as well as he had been using many different sorts of drugs at the time which had an impact on his mental and physical health. He's still taking treatment for his depression and has gone through a long rehabilitation. This simply goes to show that, in the end, everything is going to turn out okay.

    I am terribly sorry that your brother had to go through this. It's insanely rough and I understand how hard it is. I hope your brother will pull through okay and will return to the Empire as a well-respected member. Feel free to PM me if you have any concerns, or if you'd just like to rant and blow off some steam.

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  17. I am very impressed with the amount of outpouring love and respect I see from the players. However, this thread is being locked because private family information as what was shared should stay private for a reason.

    I wish RUPEES and ContributionTeam and their family the best in these trying times. Please do not harass them for details. It is a private family matter and needs to stay that way. Know that all of EMC loves you guys!
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