What goods/services are rapidly increasing in value?

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  1. Question in title.
  2. do you mean absolute price (rupees), relative price to other items, demand and sales volume, or usability? :)
  3. Beacons as they are new, anything thats new in an update normaly or glowstone
  4. Absolute price
  5. Well, it's definitely not iron lol
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  6. Indeed it is not, Iron has been quite devalued by iron golem farms.
  7. Well, to answer the question, to add upon what ninja said earlier;

    Items added by updates to the game are always expensive, so because of the new fireworks the items needed for them will go up (gunpowder mostly)

    Also, silk touch shears, and Thorn enchanted armour.
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  8. Thank you, must build up my gunpowder stocks ^.^
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  9. I hear that the market for lava walls is very high. =D
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  10. :D
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  11. And because of the near limitless crafting opportunities for fireworks, consider these items;
    • Diamonds
    • All dyes
    • Fire charges
    • Gold nuggets
    • Feathers
    • Glowstone Dust
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  12. Noted, many thanks ^.^
    Any idea how much the update will mark up the prices of these?
  13. hmm, I can't give you any specific numbers of course, but I think fire charges will be up there, as there has been little use for them before.
  14. Hmm. Well, the number of uses is increasing by 66%. Do you know the current price of gunpowder per stack?
  15. I thought fire charges weren't allowed on EMC.

    The gunpowder I've seen lately was sold individually at 5-10r each.
  16. Meaning for every 10 stacks of gunpowder I buy, each priced at 3,200r, I should be able to sell them off for 5,312r after the update, totalling 2,112r profit per 3,200r spent. ^.^
  17. first, i see that smilie. good job with blending that..

    second, every time i see something about lava walls it never fails to make me laugh.
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  18. and lava walls seem to be invading almost every discussion thread. lmfao
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  19. Isn't that close to PvP... Lava walls.
  20. Fireworks are very unlikely to increase the price of gunpowder