What do you want to watch?

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  1. What do you want to watch?

    I have a few ideas on what to record for YouTube such as skits and other things that involve the community but what do you as a viewer enjoy watching? I have said in the past I won't record mini games because of the amount of people who do so, I want to be unique.

    I would like to record things such as PvP events, Modpack series and events that get the community involved but let's think outside the box.

    Ideally this thread gives ideas to other people looking to improve their YouTube quality and better their content. Besides what do you want the video to be about, what other things do you look for in videos?
  2. I would love for you to do some adventure maps with people *hint hint* and maybe some mob arenas or parkour, etc.
  3. Im down for adventure maps, ninjaboy and I did one way back together and it was a blast! Cant do mob arenas because I dont want to giveaway the secrets. ;)
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  4. Redstone tutorials and/or Mob farm/ Mob spawner tutorials.
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  5. Ninjaboy and I planned on showcasing a few of our EMC farms, and I can do tutorials as well.
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  6. Put your difficulty to 10...and kill two Withers.
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  7. Ill have a difficult 10 video up this weekend :p
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  8. Good. Godspeed, son.
  9. Looking to record a lot this weekend, any ideas?
  10. i have 1 doing lets plays but on emc i have a base out in new land i would love to do it with you =D
  11. I was watching some of your videos and it seemed like (to me) you were not very enthusiastic. You seemed bored, as if you were forced to do the video.
  12. basically my base is all 1.7 generated and you could do mining there its a wonderful if i were u i would do at least 1 vid on this
  13. Modpack series.
    Preferably voltz.
    I would be willing to help record for a voltz war series, like the yogscast did way back when.
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  14. Maybe you can bring me out sometime and we can do something together!

    Can you tell me what video(s) this happened in? Would like to know for future reference.

    I'm a big fan of FTB, so maybe I'll do something similar!
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