What do you think on Same-sex couples?

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  1. As of recent, many parts of the world have seen reforms in their governments that are for same-sex marriage and LGBT rights, etc. Four years ago (being the extremely judgemental sixth grader that I was) I likely would have voted against anything related to LGBT. But since then I have changed. First of all, EMC has helped me mature a lot since I joined... =P and second of all, I found myself to be bisexual (Sort of. It's complicated. PM me if you want details). In fact I even have a boyfriend now =P

    Anyways, I would like to preface this with a simple request: PLEASE keep your rude comments to yourself. I would really like this thread to be open. I also would like you to not bring religion into this, nothing past mentioning that as a reason for not liking it (or the opposite I guess).

    So EMC, I thank you for reading and commenting. :)
  2. I think EMC's position on tolerance is probly gonna get your thread shut down.
  3. To be honest yes but I think that we can get some healthy discussion out of it first. =P Otherwise I wouldn't have posted it.
  4. LGBT rights is basically the current version of the 1960's civil rights movement. Other than peoples beliefs, there is no reason why LGBT people can't get married, why they can't raise a family, or why they can't have identical rights to everyone else.

    It's obviously going to take some time for everyone to realise this, and there will always be people who don't. But eventually it'll be widely realised by everyone to be just as normal as being black, female or whatever.
  5. *insert religion*
    *insert beliefs*
    *insert the children*
    *insert something else*

    I don't mind LGBT rights, everyone should be equal :)
  6. The way I look at it is simple: if two people are homosexual and want to get married, who cares? If getting married is going to make them happy, they should just go for it, and they should be able to just go for it! :) The marriage of any pair of same sex people around the world is highly unlikely to hurt me (or anyone else, for that matter) in any way, and provides huge benefits for the people involved. I see no reason to stifle a very large group of people by saying they can't get married.
  7. Not really to dispute nfell's comment, but I think equal is the wrong word. We don't all have to be equal (the same) in every way. LGBT rights is a platform to bring awareness to haters or also for people who don't fit traditional beliefs and are needing support. Sometimes the LGBT vocals have extreme views in order to get publicity or to show how absurd the views of the haters look by comparison.

    In the U.S. there is widespread apathy for the movement, meaning most people don't feel strongly either way and it is only a few people who are filled with hate or judgement. Most people are too busy with their own lives to really think much about it.
  8. Equal as in rights, not the same in every way :p.
  9. It's going to be really hard to have a debate, so to speak, without being able to make biblical references.
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  10. Gay marriage is a huge threat to the special perks and rights that straight couples enjoy.(tax advantages and health care benefit sharing.) This is one of the concerns that comes up from people who are opposed to it. Since there is not an easy argument to defend the special perks of being straight, it always wanders back to an argument about religion. (right/wrong)

    I'm not making an argument against, but just stating how the issue gets complex.
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  11. That would mean that the only arguments you have are religious.
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  12. The Bible also advocates, justifies and even commands slavery. Perhaps, the Bible isn't the best source for discussions on human rights.
  13. These threads need to stop, honestly. We have seen this question and similar viewpoints on multiple threads, and it all blows up. Someone decides to push it too far and the majority gets butthurt and at the end of the day everyone gets mad.
  14. Ahh now. Here.
    EMC has tought me alot about all of this.
    But mostly it was finchy. I think i will never be able to thank her completly for the absolute eye opener she gave me.
    I come from a rasist familly that are haters. And.. to my familly im different.. cause i dont hate. Before EMC. Before her. I would be strong in my case to show the person how much i was not rasist.. and make ahure they knew i was ok with who/what they were.. even make shure theyd know i was ok with skin color...... now this is also a form of rasism.. its a gentler one tho.. but still.

    When i met finchy. She had not come out about her changes. But she helped me understand what GID was. And how its not okay to ask questions like.. soo wich type are you downstairs... cause it just does not matter.

    Now im still learning how to stop my self to show people that dont share my skincolor that im fine with it.... cause why on earth would i need to show them im fine?? What is there to be fine with? It does not matter at all.

    Gay and lesbian marriage.. well honestly. I cant see any difference about those and straight marriage. 2 humans vowing to stay faithfull and togeather forever.. seems pretty straight forward to me.

    The only problem in my life conserning LGBT community... are the arguments i have with my parents about it.
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  15. I have a major problem with gay marriages! Every time I check my Fb my gay friends are getting married and they are all happy and committed to the person they love... It's crap. I was perfectly fine being single before they posted. Now I'm all jelly.
  16. Yeah for real as if there haven't been enough threads about this on EMC.. You can find virtually every viewpoint there is in the past topics. Starting a new one is only going to have the positive discussion be carbon-copied from previous threads but it will also bring a bit of mad people as well.

    No offense to anyone but this topic has been discussed to death.
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  17. Hate to say it Folks but ever since Finch has released her thread I've been seeing lots of these threads everywhere and i think its good for people to finally be recognized for what they believe in. This is a sweet start to a better ending
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  18. That's all fine and good but these discussion threads are getting quite generic and unless there's some reason we all can't say what we want in one thread instead of making 20, then I don't get it.
  19. Warning: Rant
    These threads help the community of empire, it's simple really, all it takes is seeing the title of the thread because titles are important, and think about the topic. Finch started something very important, empire doesn't really discuss real life topics because we try to separate those two sides of us, but why should we? We all are entitled to an opinion, though if it is a negative opinion, and people shouldn't get so mad over it, because one thing I have learned in life is you can't change everyone, and that's perfectly fine. I believe in gay marriage, because I am a lesbian, but I support rights for everyone because everyone should have an equal chance to a better life, nothing should stop them but their own personal road blocks, but when people go out of their way to stop these rights, that's the only thing that'll upset me.
    Threads like this need to happen, not a lot of the same ones, but topics like these need to be discuss in mature fashion, which, almost all of us on the forums can handle things in mature manner, so it should be no problem.
    Rant over
    Short rant: Basically everyone should have equal rights, and no one should get butt hurt over topics like this because everyone is entitled to their own opinion if represented in a respectful manner
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