What do you think of simple forum games?

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Do you like some simple forum games?

Yes. 12 vote(s) 92.3%
No. 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Disclaimer: all forum games referenced in this post are just examples, and not meant to judge the game.
    Lately, the forum games subsection of our forums has been more in use again.
    I like it, a diverse range of forum games has been going on (a lot of them by StoneSky), from really complicated and strategic games like The First Loser, to more straight-forward and easy to jump in games like From ... to ... to weird games where you can pretty much make up whatever you want like King of the Hill.

    What do you think about having more of the straight-forward games? I like them every now and then, it's a nice easy way to be active on EMC and have some fun with other people participating.
    Although I have a feeling some people will find it annoying to constantly have games like Combine your Username with the one above you in the recently active threads box, when they don't care about it because it's too simplistic.
    Another thing is that such threads are a great way to increase your post count. That shouldn't really be a problem, but with things like the highest posting members list people might get a tendency to get a bit too competitive, and then such threads might be used for farming instead of fun.

    So... would you like more of the easy to play forum games, or would you rather see them go in favour of some more thoughtful threads in the recent activity?
  2. I like easy forum games, they're just fun.
    I also like more complex forum games though, but they kinda loose interest to me at a quicker rate. Too much effort to actively think for fun...
    I already have Minecraft for thinking about my fun.
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  3. I like and participate in many of Stonesky's games along many other users games their pretty fun and the simplistic ideas let them last a long time.
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  4. I like simple forum games. I go to them when I realise my post count is flatlining (I am not leaving EMC until I get to the #1 spot on the highest posting members list) :p

    I do prefer the complex ones, though. Like my New Nations 2 (I've made an NN3 recently by the way, if anyone wants to check it out...#ShamelessSelfPromotion) from about a year ago - it was pretty fun when people weren't being annoying and just played the game.
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  5. Forum Games Vs Auctions.
    Any Forum Game wins by infinity.

    I like every forum game. It makes the forums more fun and interesting.
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  6. Well, I guess I'll post one myself, then, as I like them too ;)
  7. Simple forum games are simple
    I like them ^.^ Gimme more
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  8. Is this forum game too uninteresting to get started? :p I thought it could be fun...
  9. Couldn't have said it any better.........................
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