What do you think about tattoos in general?

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  1. So I allways been a fan of tattoos, and their crazy art that you can put in your skin and allways have it.

    And yes, I've been thinking of getting a tattoo, the first one may be a work of the artist Alex Grey. This one is the one I mostly like.

    So I am asking you the community about your expirience with the tattoos.

    Please only constructive comments, don't judge this art style, and do not JUDGE ME.
  2. i think tattoos are cool as long as they aren't totally huge and ridiculous, like for instance my youth group leader has a small cross on his bicep that he got identical to his best friend and it really cool

    EDIT: also my now deceased youth group leader, Frisco also had the same tattoo, so that tattoo is very meaningful to me and i will probably get the same one once iam of legal age
  3. My experience with tattoos have been pretty great. I have two. One that I got when I was 19 and another that I got just this year. Maybe I just have a high pain tolerance, but I feel like the pain is always exaggerated. Just make sure you research the person that will be doing your tattoo. I went to a licensed and well known local place and the tattoo didn't turn out horrible, but it wasn't the way I wanted it. So, I went to another guy that my friends loved so that he could fix it and it turned out perfect. Just because a person is licensed with a shop, that doesn't mean they're going to do an awesome job or do it how you want it. And your tattoo should be exactly how you want it, because it's going to be on your body forever. Don't be afraid to say no when an artist suggests adding something you don't like (which is often). Also, don't be afraid to stop them in the middle of it if you feel like they're not doing something right. The only thing I don't like about tattoos is when people get a ton of random ones just to fill up space. In my opinion, they should be meaningful and you should be 100% sure you want to get it as it's going to be there for a very long time.
  4. I generally don't like the idea of getting half a million tattoos so that you are one big mess of ink, but a single tattoo I don't consider it bad as long as there is some meaning to it and it is not for the sake of having a tattoo. You just have to keep in mind that they will never come off, and if you get something you aren't sure you will like down the road, you are going to be giving your past self some hate.
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  5. I don't have anything against people with just a tattoo or two like a heart, a cross, whatever...
    but I sometimes see women in their twenties-thirties who have tattoos all over their limbs, and I find that very ugly.
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  6. What about men in their twenties-thirties who have tattoos all over their limbs?
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  7. For someone that promotes kindness constantly in their threads, you are being incredibly rude. This isn't your thread. If you don't like it, don't post in it.

  8. Omg, ok I'm sorry, I was just telling what "COULD" happen. Also these people are incredibly.. idk
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  9. i do not know a single older person with wrinkles where their tattoos are looking bad.. every single older person i know who's got them, they still look absolutely amazing.

    i myself have 7 batman symbols on the span of my leg from knee to ankle, and i love them.. and i definitely plan on getting more.
    i agree that i dislike when there are single tattoos that are so close they are practically touching but have no connection/not in common with the one beside it.. you just kind of look like a crappy coloring book.. now if you have tattoos all over that are a single thing, that mold together and look like one big tattoo.. that is awesome, looks great! like the older lady up there.
  10. Also, I never even posted that, Soemone is hacking into my computer ok?
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  11. Tattoos are somewhat cool when you're young and all (I don't like them that much, but I think their fine on other people), but it isn't when you are sick of them or old and have to go through the pain of getting them removed and having weird looking skin afterwards.

    Also, your skin should be clean.. Not stained with ink you inject into your skin..
    But, I have nothing at all against people who have tattoos (Well, it depends on what the tattoos meaning is), it is just that I won't get one for the reasons stated above.
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  12. I just think that people's likes and style changes over time and a tattoo is permanent so it can't grow with you as your style changes. If tattoos could be easily (and painlessly) removed/changed, I would be all for them but I see the permanence of them chaining a person to their past self. That's just my opinion.
  13. Honestly, I've never been a massive fan of tattoos. However, one or a few simplistic ones are fine, I think. As others have said, I don't like when there is just a giant mosaic of tattoos (especially ones with no correlation) across the body.
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  14. All I gotta say is if you're going to go with a design like you posted (speaking to the original post) you better find a GREAT tattoo artist, not some schlub in the club district downtown. So I think it's extremely important to ask around and find the best artists in your area and you'll have to wait til they have time since all the good ones usually have a waitlist.
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  15. This thread is currently fine and will not be deleted.

    On topic.
    I have many tattoos I have been getting them for years. I even have some of my more detailed work touched up every four or five years. Every tattoo I have has a lot of meaning to me. They each have a story to tell. I have used one tattoo artist for 10+ years. We stay in touch even when no ink is going on. What I suggest to anyone getting their first tattoo is get to know your artist. If you cant stand talking to someone for 2+ hours your tattoo experience will suck. Have several artists draw you what you want. NEVER EVER go generic make your tattoo your tattoo. And lastly plan on spending several hundred bucks. I have 4 tattoos totaling $1700 at the least plus the tips. One tattoo on my arm I have spent about 1200 on and its still a work in progress. Tattoo's are a fun hobby to get in make it worth your while.
  16. I am not a big fan of large tattoos, but sometimes I would get small ones once in a while. :)
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  17. I want a wolf's head and a dragon tattoo (my dad has one that I loved when I was little :p) on my arms. I've never been a fan of having full-body tattoos or having them all up my limbs.
    Incredibly old?
    I doubt that, but OK.
    People don't really do this where I live, but people that have tattoos all over their limbs are usually skinny chavs stood by the local shop selling drugs in front of young children in broad daylight :p

    I have also never seen a woman with full-limb tattoos here.
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  18. I certainly hesitate saying anything negative about tattoos here. I have one and it was ill advised (related to an ex). I don't feel the need to express myself with ink. I let my bubbly personality do all my expression. I certainly don't have anything against anyone that does have them. However, I would be lying if I said I found them attractive on women. Please don't give me a lot of grief about that, I'm just being honest.
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  19. We get that a lot here. I was just pointing out the fact I think it's weird how some males are disgusted with women that have sleeves/lots of tattoos, but they don't feel the same way about men that have them.
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  20. I turn 18 in a little over a year and already put some thought into some tattoos that would have meaning to me. I just think some people get tattoos on impulse or due to some other factors (alchohol? :p) which is portrayed in a lot of movies and social media which gives tattoos a bad reputation.