What do you listen to while doing homework?

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  1. The title says it all. I have two different things I usually switch off between. The first is this:

    The second is a combination of these 3 (all open at once):

    any relaxing jazz piece. My favorite is a Bill Evans medley of My Favorite Things, Easy to Love, Baubles, and Bangles and Beads.

    You can also find some videos where people have already put all three things together. They're awesome :D

    So what do you listen to while doing homework?
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  2. Something like this :D
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  4. Mostly my extensive collection of electronic music.
    Ranging from Daft Punk, deadmau5, Sudanim, Madeon, Skrillex, Zedd, LilDeuceDeuce, The Glitch Mob, Stardust, Fatboy Slim, Pendulum, Eurythmics, and Noisestorm. :D
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  5. Myself complaining about doing homework...Would contain a few bad words
  6. reasons I wish I had Ableton Live... 1. I totally feel like I could do some of this, but garage band just doesn't cut it.
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  7. Talk about real motivation!!!
  8. Garageband's good for a little while…but it's so limited on instruments and changing the sound, etc. I know how you feel…
  9. Nightcore. It's addictive.
  10. The TV in the background, or whatever is on my computer. There really isn't a song that will make my homework any better.
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  11. Haven't done homework in a long time, but when I was doing homework, I wasn't listening to anything else than I would be listening to otherwise, which was whatever music I was enjoying the most at the time.
  12. Meh, I'll try to stay on the campus and then do my homework in the library or cafeteria
  13. I listen to songs in spanish, portuguese, italian, or latin to take my mind off things before I do my homework, like this:

    This is what I really listen to when i want to concentrate, though:
  14. Homework? What's that?
  15. Here you can do all mine and then you'll know what its like...
  16. This is not the topic, but i just needed to post it when i found it on my hard drive :)
  17. I listen to my mother screaming: "Are you doing your homework!?". I feel like putting it like a phone ringtone
  18. I listen to MrWeeble's stuff :D (It's IMPOSSIBLE to study listening to that)