What do you get extra or more when your established ?

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  1. Just curious, maby someone cna make a list what you have extra with the established status ?
    I forgot or have not read it. For what reason is the 3000 blocks away rule ?
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  2. When you get your outpost established, it basically entails to the leader to full control over everything inside the "claimed" land. You have full "political" control so you can make rules etc. You also get better representation of mods when you come across difficult situations.

    The current system is a basic version of the future land claiming system that will be implemented after dragon tombs. It'll be fully automated eventually. The 3000 blocks to to give you lots of room and prevent major border disputes.

    That's about all I can say, others should be able to add more :)
  3. Owner of the outpost then has political control over how the place is to be built, and can remove any building that does not confirm to their design wishes and its not considered griefing.

    It ensures a group that has a goal and plan for their outpost/empire can build it and the members of the group have to follow it or be removed.

    The 3000 rule is so that outposts can expand, and to ensure when official land claiming is implemented, its not a problem of people rushing to claim chunks and fighting over who gets it first.

    Theres plenty of Frontier out there, just build away from people :)
  4. Thanks, only hard part is always to decide if there's no neighborn. sometimes you see explorered land next to black area. And offcorse the nice place is always wrong positioned. Also you never know if the nice already discovered area is used or not.

    To far out from other towns / places / outposts can be boring to. more travel problems.
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  5. You can use the nether for faster travel, and in the future you can teleport to/from town when the official claim system is in place.
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  6. Intressting question thast going around in my mind for a while.
    Is there a rule about how many outposts 1 person can have at the same wilderness server ?
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  7. There is no rule about how many established bases you can have, no.
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