What do you do to entertain during the weekend?

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  1. What do you do to entertain during the weekend? So that is my question to all the EMC community and the Forums community. Please let me know in the comments.

    Example: What do you do to entertain during the weekend ? Sometimes I go out with friends, sometimes I stay at home and rest, or sometimes my friends and I go to my house and we played some music.
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  2. I ah play minecraft and hmmm.... read books
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  3. Play minecraft, take my kid to the park, avoid 4th street where all the teenagers hang out. lol
  4. The weekend is usually when my gf comes over to my place (or I to hers, mostly my place) and well, we have some fun together. Doing what? Varies. From just talking to a good afternoon walk and the often enjoyed Saturday evening movie.

    And well, there's also this game I sometimes like to play. Hmm, forgot its name. Something with an M :)
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  5. My weekend usually consists of just relaxing & enjoying the day, when I'm not doing laundry! lol :p
  6. I sleep. ._.
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  7. Eat. Sleep. Minecraft. Repeat.
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  8. I read books, I fall in love with them, they break my heart. I pick up another book and fall in love all over again.
  9. The circle of life
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  10. Washing, ironing, etc etc the joys of being a Mummy! :)
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  11. There are other things to do than play Minecraft... :confused: this is just too much for me.
  12. Minecraft ... the weekends are the only days I can actually play it! :)
    I also try to read a new book, chillax browsing random stuff on the Internet (EMC forums, Pinterest, email, etc.).
    Oh, and HW... but I always do that on Sunday :p
  13. Sleep.

    A lot of sleep.

    Unless I'm in a gaming mood.

    Then, sleep is for the weak.
  14. Sleep, procrastination in general... oh and video games. Not so much minecraft anymore.
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  15. If I'm not asleep, I'm playing videogames or sitting at my desk... Waiting for something to happen...
  16. This time of year during the winter, Minecraft and more Minecraft. During the summer, fishing, MTB cycling, just being outside soaking up the nice weather.